January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Hidden Gems In Poznań

Located in the heart of Wielkopolska, Poznań is an ideal place for lovers of history, art, unique architecture and for tourists who want to get to know local dishes and beers. Visit some interesting places in Poznan that other tourists probably have not heard about yet. So, here’s presenting the top 10 hidden gems in Poznań. 


1. “Arsenał” Municipal Gallery

MOs810, via Wikimedia Commons


The gallery has been functioning under its present name since 1997. Today, it is one of the most important institutions of artistic life not only in Poznan but also in Poland. Apart from exhibitions of painting, graphics, sculpture, and photography, the gallery organizes presentations of objects, installations and new media (video, computer art). The Gallery is also a place of meetings promoting new book publications (meetings with authors), film screenings, auctions of works from the Gallery’s collections as well as lectures conducted by critics and art historians. It is the perfect place for every fan of modern art.


2. Lech Brewery

MOs810, via Wikimedia Commons


Lech Browary Wielkopolski is one of three breweries belonging to Kompania Piwowarska – the leader in the brewing industry in Poland. It is one of the most modern breweries in Europe. It can brew up to 145 000 hl of beer per week. The brewery itself is an interesting place for a few hours trip. During the tours conducted by real brewers, you can get acquainted with all the secrets of the beer brewing process. In the end, adult visitors have the opportunity to try the local beer.


3. Szyfrokontener

Darekm135, via Wikimedia Commons


History buffs will also find something for themselves in Poznań. The Enigma Museum, aiming to commemorate the activities of Polish cryptologists who managed to break the Enigma code, is still in the development phase. People interested in this story, however, can use the Szyfrokontener. It is an interactive exhibition that allows visitors to broaden their historical knowledge, as well as to pass a short encryption course. Admission to the exhibition is free.


4. Café La Ruina & Raj



Although people traveling abroad most often want to try local dishes, sometimes it is worth making an exception. Especially if you have the opportunity to visit such special places as La Ruina and Raj. These are two adjacent premises – a café and an Asian pub – run by a traveler couple. In addition to oriental dishes, fresh coffee, lemonade, and delicious cheesecakes, La Ruina and Raj also attract visitors with their unusual decor. Both places are full of souvenirs from long trips, which in theory should not match each other, but they create exceptionally original compositions.


5. Poznan Croissant Museum

Kapsuglan, via Wikimedia Commons


One of the most important elements of Poznań culture is St. Martin’s croissants. No wonder that they have their own museum. In the Croissant Museum, you will hear legends about the creation of that famous dish, get acquainted with the ingredients and the recipe of croissants and try them. You will also be involved in the preparation of the croissants, assisting the Croissant Master using traditional confectionery tools. In addition, the museum is a place where you can learn more about the history of the city and the specific dialect used by its inhabitants. Shows in English take place daily from July to September at 1:45 pm. In the remaining months, this option can be used on weekends.


6. Maltanka Miniature Railway

Radomil, via Wikimedia Commons


Along the northern shore of Maltańskie Lake runs the 3.8 km long park line “Maltanka”, which can take you to the New Zoo. The train runs daily from the end of April to the end of September. Traveling by train you can admire the charming lake, whose surface at certain times operates the largest fountain in the city. On some weekends of the month, the train is pulled by the historic steam locomotive “Borsig” from 1925. Tickets for this unique journey on the historic train can be purchased at the ticket office at the starting and finishing stations. An adult ticket costs PLN 7.50.


7. Brovaria



Brovaria is an unusual combination – a hotel, restaurant and brewery in one. This is the first and only place of this type in Poland. Brovaria’s headquarters is one of the tenement houses located on the Poznań market square. The hotel offers its guests 21 elegant high standard rooms. The chefs of the local restaurant specialize in fusion cuisine, combining elements of European cuisine with traditional regional cuisine. And the addition to the stay in this charming place is brewed on-site craft beer served in unique mugs and pokals. A real gourmet paradise.


8. Museum of Applied Arts

Koefbac, via Wikimedia Commons


Poznań is the only city in Poland which has its own Museum of Applied Arts. It is a place where on the surface of almost 1500 m² is presented a permanent exhibition devoted entirely to applied art. Among the objects, there are furniture, ceramics, glass and metal objects, weapons, jewelry, textiles, clothing, and accessories for them. The exhibits are arranged in chronological order – from the Middle Ages to the present. As the museum is situated in the Przemysł Castle, a museum space devoted entirely to the history of the castle and Przemysł II – its former owner – was isolated on the ground floor.


9. Dalineum

Dalineum, via Wikimedia Commons


In addition to the art of Polish artists, in Poznań, you can also visit exhibitions of such great world artists like Salvador Dali. Dalineum is a private gallery that presents an exhibition of original works by Salvador Dali from a private collection of Georgian collector Aleksandre Kesauri. In Poznań, the most important of the exhibition are the xylographs and lithographs of Dali, ceramics and bronze works and a wide variety of common-use objects made by the Spanish master. In addition, exhibitions with works of other well-known artists such as Rene Magritte and Marc Chagall are also organized at Dalineum.


10. Pyra Bar



Pyra (the name of potato used in Wielkopolska) is definitely one of the most characteristic symbols of Poznań and the whole region. That’s why Pyra Bar is the perfect place for a meal during a city tour. This establishment, created in 2009, has become such a popular place that at the moment it also has its branches in other Polish cities. The menu of the restaurant is based, of course, mainly on potatoes. So you can eat here potato casseroles, pancakes, and many other local dishes. And all this at attractive, low prices.


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