Top 10 historic monuments in Serbia

Historic monuments characterize a city and a country you are visiting and by seeing them, you are getting the insight into the past of one nation. They tell stories of events, wars and people that shaped history and left a permanent mark. Here are top 10 historic monuments you should see when visiting Serbia.

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Statue of the victor has became a landmark of Belgrade. It was made in 1928. and it is located on the Belgrade fortress.

The memorial museum is in Kragujevac and it is in memory of victims og genocide in World War II.

This memorial complex in Western Serbia is build in the memory of brave soldiers that defended this territory in World War II.

This monument on the hill Cegar near Nis commemorates an important battle in World War I.

Monument of Freedom or Star, how it is usually called, is a part of a big memorial park on the hill Cacalica near Pozarevac dedicated to the victims of World War II.

On the quay of Novi Sad there is a sculpure in memory of people killed in the raid of January 1942.

Monument of Cer is dedicated to a famous battle and triumph of Serbian solders in World War I.

Stevan Sremac was a realist writer who lived in Nis and wrote about people and traditions of South Serbia.

Menorah in flames is a symbolic sculpture dedicated to Jews who lost their lives in Serbia in  World War II.

This sculpture of an important figure in Serbian history is located in Kragujevac in the square of Jovan Ristic.



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