Top 10 most delicious Peruvians meals

Peru is one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America and in the world. This is due to its huge menu of typical dishes in its gastronomy. This enormous variety of typical dishes originates from the different cultural fusions that Peru has passed on throughout its history. For this reason, we invite you to visit this country and try the following typical dishes for yourself.


Arroz Chaufa


arroz chaufa
This well-known dish originates from the migration of the Chinese population to Peru. This dish was consumed exclusively by people of lower class and consists of the simple combination of rice and any type of ingredient that they could acquire. However, this image has changed, as well as the meaning of chaufa rice. Today, this dish is popular amonst all types of people regardless of their economic level. Arroz Chaufa is a symbol of the union between Peru and China. Focused on a saucer that has shed for generations and is the favorite of crowds.




Another symbol of Peruvian food. This popular dish is consumed in different places that, like Peru, border with the Pacific Ocean. However, Peruvian ceviche is considered the best; thanks to the various types of fish and the distinctive flavor of its lemon. The ceviche is a simple mixture of fish, onion, lemon and other spices. It can be prepared in a very short time and, despite this, there will be no two ceviches with the same flavor. It’s an extraordinary dish that’s present in different restaurants of the world. You have to try it in Peru!




This dish from the Peruvian jungle is made from rice, spices, and chicken. The interesting thing about this dish is that it is able to last up to 3 days without any cooling, thanks to the way it is wrapped in banana leaf. This dish was used as the main food for the ancient tribes of the Amazon region during their expeditions. This dish is not internationally recognized. Its flavor is a local secret, considered to be the main food representative in the jungle at a national level.


Tacacho con cecina


Tacacho con cecina
The word tacacho comes from the Quechua “taku chu” whose meaning is crushed, referring to its preparation. It is fried plantain compressed and mixed with pig fat; shaped like a ball. On the other hand, the cecina is pig meat (regional) that’s dehydrated and seasoned. The cecinas’ property allows it to remain in a good state regardless of the time of storage. It is known abroad as dry meat. However, the fundamental difference of the Peruvian cecina is the source of the meat. The regional pig, which is distinguished by its flavor. This is one of the best known dishes, not only in the jungle but also in Peru.





This famous coastal dish is mainly consumed in Lima. Each of the cook adds their own distinctive flavor. The anticuchos are cow hearts that are: grilled, marinated with different ingredients, and usually accompanied by potato, corn, rice, etc. The diversity of ways in which this dish is served is equal to the diversity of places where you can consume it. A fact to take into account is the way in which this food is served. The anticuchos are placed through a wooden stick, with 2 or 3 anticuchos on each stick.



Ají de Gallina


aji de gallina
This is another dish that is consumed on the coast. The ají de hen is a (typically) thick cream, made of bread or cookies, mixed with cheese, milk and yellow pepper. This pepper is the main reason why it is considered a typical Peruvian dish. Since the yellow pepper can only be found in Peru. The flavor of the sauce depends on the person who prepares it. It can be spicy or simply creamy. This sauce is mixed with chicken and is accompanied with potatos, rice, olives, and eggs. As an extra, the best accompaniment for this dish is the typical Peruvian chicha.


Cuy Frito


cuy frito
One of the oldest and most traditional foods in the Sierra area of Peru, has been consumed since Inca times. This dish is prepared on the basis of the rodent known as “rabbit of guinea pigs” or guinea pigs. The possible dishes to prepare with this animal are as varied as dishes with chicken. However, the best known dish that all tourists try is the fried cuy. The main characteristic of this dish is having the meat with all the shape of the rodent. Although this can generate a surprise at the beginning and even a little rejection when you try the opinion changes radically. The meat of cuy very similar to that of any other animal, with the exception of being more nutritious.


Lomo saltado


Lomo saltado
As one of the most recognized Peruvian dishes worldwide, this is indeed a dish fusion between Asian-Peruvian cultures. This dish is composed of a loin of beef that is cooked along with onion, garlic, green pepper, parsley, pepper, and cumin. The salted lomo is accompanied by famous Peruvian fries, which can be prepared with any of the 2500+ types of potatoes from Peru. Curiously, the spine is usually seasoned with the best-known drink, Pisco, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes.



Inchicapi de gallina


This is a typical dish of the Peruvian jungle, whose origins date back to the Inca culture. Its name, Inchicapi, is a derivative of the Quechua word “inchik (peanut) and api (soup).” As the name indicates, it’s a soup whose main characteristic is the strong presence of the peanut inside the soup. This soup also has the following ingredients: chicken, corn flour, and spices from the Amazon jungle itself. An interesting fact about this potaje: the Incas consumed it from motelo, a popular turtle from the jungle, not from chicken.



Rocoto Relleno


rocoto relleno
The rocoto relleno is, perhaps, the most important of the typical dishes of Arequipa, one of the many regions in Peru. Home of the famous Colca Canyon. This famous Arequipa dish consists of filling a rocoto fruit. It’s similar to a chili, but is the size of an apple. The fruit is then stuffed with ground beef, olive, and peas. Additionally, this is garnished with spices such as cumin and parsley, to ensure its distinctive flavor. As for its preparation, this dish is served in the oven accompanied by baked potato. Making it the most representative dish in Arequipa and one of the best known in Peru.



Peruvian food is of one of the best gastronomies in the world. This merit of its innumerable amount of ingredients and the fusion of culture that many of these dishes represent. Don’t forget to try a large number of meals that can be prepared in the Peruvian territory.



Courtesy Article from Explorandes, turism in Perú