January 28, 2022


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Top 10 Motorbiking Roads in Europe

Have you ever ridden an electric scooter on a phenomenon road? It feels like taking a stroll through the heart of Disney Land. Europe has some of the cutest roads that are famous amongst motorbiking enthusiasts, in the world.
Bikers talk about these roads the same way footballer talk about Wembley, or with the same pride, F1 drivers speak of Marina Bay Street Circuit. Some of the world’s most reputable bikers and the best electric scooter riders who have adventured through these roads speak highly of them.
Europe is wide, and to narrow down to its top ten motorbiking roads require some serious work and research. What makes a perfect biking road? Let’s take a look at what makes each of these ten roads a wonder of the biking world.

The Cat and Fiddle Run- England

This 11-kilometer-long strip of tarmac somewhere in the Peak District is a rite of passage for electric scooter riders and bikers. This long ribbon-like road departs at the Macclesfield end. One ride on this road and you will keep coming for more.
However, there is something to be aware of. According to RAC in the past, this was once Britain’s Most Dangerous Road. It spilled so many lives until a 50mph speed restriction eased the situation. Only maximum concentration can keep you going all through to end of this road. The corners just keep coming, and as you keep going, they keep getting progressively tighter.

The Stelvio Pass- Italy

You only reach the peak of your electric scooter riding experience when you finally ride on this road. This is the biggest zigzag in Europe. Also known as the SS300, the Stelvio Pass is a magnificent route that takes you through the Stelvio National Park in the north of Italy.
Probably every motorcyclist or electric scooter riding enthusiast has heard of it. Riders have labeled it the motorcycle Promised Land, the Queen of Alpine routes, and the most winding road in Europe. This is simply the classic two-wheeled expeditions.

The Transfagarasan Highway- Romania

One of the finest electric scooter roads in Europe, the Transfagarasan Highway is also one of the most dramatic roads in the country. It’s 100 kilometers of twists and turns running from north to south in the most amazing pattern, across the highest mountains in Romania makes it interestingly strange and a source of adventure to many electric scooter and motorcycle riders.
Hit this road in the summer, beginning from the basic plains of Transylvania, and making dozens of razor sharp hairpins along the way, then across a rocky lunar landscape and finally emerging onto its snow-capped plateau.
The Transfagarasan Highway- Romania

The Amalfi Coast Road- Italy

Summer is a beautiful time to take your electric scooter out on this road, though that’s also the time when the tourist traffic chokes this narrow road. It is a 50-kilometer-long corniche that gently twists and turns, dives and climbs, with each vertical crag dropping into the cobalt sea and every fingernail of beach nestling below. Riding on this road feels too beautiful to be true.

Bodom Circle- Finland

This magnificent road gives every rider the reason to maximize their enjoyment of electric scooter riding. Finland is famous for its brilliant scenery, and the Bodom Circle perfectly fits into one of the country’s most beautiful sceneries.
This route takes in the sights between the little known Bodomintie and Gunnarsvagen while it incorporates cafes and a fantastic motorcycle and car museum. It then extends through a stunning lake and villages that create a scene that will leave every electric scooter rider thrilled and want more of it.
Bodom Circle- Finland

A5004 Derbyshire

I couldn’t forget to include the magnificence that United Kingdom offers to motorcyclists in the form of the A5004 Derbyshire route. This is one of the most cracking journeys that you and your electric scooter can enjoy in the great United Kingdom.
Derbyshire offers some of the country’s most stunning sceneries, and as such, an electric scooter enthusiast may well enjoy the highly celebrated route that begins at Buxton and ends at Whaley Bridge. You’ll pass through the spectacular Goyt Valley, and experience plenty of twists that will keep you entertained.

D618 St Girons

Imagine a peculiarly designed route in the heart of all the beauty that French landscapes present. The D618 in France what every electric scooter or motorbike enthusiast deserves to ride on at least once in their lifetime.
The route takes the mountains, valleys, climbs and views that will leave you eternally thankful for nature and the engineers who brought such a wonder into existence. It is a safe haven for the two-wheelers and their riders.

Trollstigen- Norway

Trollstigen is Norway’s most motorbike friendly mountain that rests in the beautiful Rauma. It is part of Norwegian National Road 63 that connects Soggeberget in Rauma and Valldal in Norddal.
The route has a steep incline of 9 percent, and eleven hairpin bends up its steep mountain side. As you move up the road, it gets narrow, and with many sharp hairpins. You also can park your electric scooter at the car park at the top and walk to the iron viewing balcony for a more eye-catching scenery.

Furka Pass- Switzerland

This is a road made to order for the racers. The Furka Pass is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps which connects Gletsch in Valais with Realp in Uri. It is a ribbon of tarmac snaking its way gently up the mountainside. The route is spiced up with a few crash barriers and a 2,100-meter tunnel in which bikers and electric scooter riders have the top section almost to themselves.
Furka Pass- Switzerland

Col de Turini- France

This road is great for testing your carving skills in dry condition. Col de Turini is a high mountain pass that runs in the department of Alpes-Maritimes in France. It is famous for a stage of the reputable Monte Carlo Rally. You can enjoy riding your electric scooter on the tight road with its numerous hairpin turns. It has a strong high beam light that cut through the night.

Final Verdict

Next time you are searching for the best route on which to ride your electric scooter, this guide will help you choose the perfect road. Just one ride of your electric scooter on any of these roads and you will understand why bikers who have ridden on them can’t have enough of it. You’ll understand why bikers talk so highly about them.