Top 10 Museums In Croatia

1. Muzej iluzija (The Museum of Illusions)

Holograms, optical illusions and many other funny things are waiting to be discovered. The Museum of Illusions is located in the center of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. If you love the magic, come here to experience a unique visual and educational adventure! The museum’s collections are suitable for all ages, not only for children. This is truly a specific way of learning about the human brain and perception. Find out why your eyes can see things that your brain doesn’t understand. How is it possible that the person standing next to you, in the same room, suddenly enlarges? Come here and find out!


2. Muzej školjaka i vodenog svijeta (The Water World Exhibitions)

In the Baroque Tvrđa, the old part of Osijek, there is a unique and popular Water world exhibition. At the exhibition, there are many different representative animals that lived in the water of this area, as well as the fossil remains of the Pannonian Sea. The most interesting animals like snails, shellfish, starfish, sponges, corals and sharks come from different seas of the world. This is definitely a unique and special museum because there are no similar museums in the world that collect, preserve and present such great water exhibitions. This exhibition has significantly enriched the educational, cultural and tourist offer not only of the city of Osijek but the wider region as well.


3. Pomorski i povijesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja (Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral)

The museum presents a unique cultural institution that collects, preserves and presents its various collections that derive from the prehistoric and medieval period, including the collection of ancient art, numismatic collection, technical collection, ship drafts collection and many others.

In the museum are held various educational programs and workshops, what makes it an important place for learning and for entertainment. The educational workshops are suitable for all ages, not only for children and students. Come here to get to know better the history and the culture of the city of Rijeka and Primorje county.


4. Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

The museum of contemporary art is located in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The foundation stone was set up in 2003 and the museum was opened for public in 2009. The museum was founded in 1954 by the establishment of the City gallery of contemporary art. It contains several collections and works of Croatian and worlds modern artists as well. This is not an ordinary museum like many others. During the summer, here are held many different kinds of events that present the unusual combination of music, contemporary art and film.


5. Hrvatski muzej arhitekture (The Croatian Museum of Architecture)

The museum was established in 1995. Like many other museums, it is located in Zagreb. The main mission of the museum is to collect, preserve and present materials of historical and architectural values. Today, here you can see more than 18,000 samples such as drawings, photographs, slides and other documents related to the history of Croatian architecture. All of these materials that museum preserves are systematically processed and accessible to all researchers. The Croatian museum of architecture in Zagreb plays an important role in the cultural life of Croatia.


6. Muzej antičkog stakla (The Museum of Ancient Glass)

The museum of ancient glass in Zadar is an exceptional cultural institution in the whole world. In his galleries, you can find more than 5000 glass samples from the ancient world, that will leave you speechless. The glassblowing workshop is also accessible for visitors. Here you can see how are made the most different kinds of glass bowls. Except for the exhibitions and the souvenir shop, the museum has two large galleries for occasional exhibitions, lessons, book promotions and many other interesting happenings for kids and adults.


7. Muzej Slavonije Osijek (The Museum of Slavonia)

The Museum of Slavonia is one of the oldest and the most important museums in Croatia. It was founded in 1877 as The museum of the free and royal city of Osijek. The museum began with its work thanks to Franjo Sedlaković donation of great money collections, medals and arms. The museum is located in the old part of the city of Osijek; in the Baroque Tvrđa. It is divided into ten sections according to its collections. There are archaeological museum section, numismatic collection, ethnographic collection and much more. Today, the Museum of Slavonia is one of the main bearers of the cultural life of the city of Osijek.


8. Muzej krapinskih neandertalaca (Krapina Neanderthal Museum)

Krapina Neanderthal Museum is considered as one of the most modern museums in the world. It is located in Hušnjakovo; the most famous Neanderthal finding site. Enriched by technological achievements with a numerous visual and olfactory sensations, the museum brings the fascinating world of Neanderthal man. The museum won several prizes and it was nominated for the best European museum in 2012. Come here to be part of the past, present and the future.


9. Muzej vučedolske kulture (Vučedol Culture Museum)

The archaeological site Vučedol is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Europe and presents the eponymous locality of a cultural phenomenon which occupied a place of today’s 12 European countries. Vučedol Culture Museum is a truly unique, different and an interesting way of learning about Vučedol’s culture. In the museum, you can find out about the emergence of culture, about the Indo-European migrations, cattle breeding, agriculture, hunting and fishing, textiles and clothing, calendars, graves, religion and many more.


1o. Hrvatski prirodoslovni muzej (The Croatian Natural History Museum)

The Croatian Natural History Museum is definitely one of the largest museums in Croatia. It is located in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Precisely in a historic noble palace in the Upper town. Today’s museums’ collections include collections of minerals, fossils, plants and animals. If you are interested in Croatian natural science, this Natural History Museum is everything you need. The museum studies, collects, preserves and presents natural heritage and documents as well. There are more than 2 million samples of minerals, fossils and rocks that have been found and collected not only in Croatia but in neighbours countries as well. Come here to explore a long history of the Croatian landscape.


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