January 21, 2022


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Top 10 Museums In Zagreb

1. Ethnographic Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Etnographic Museum”]
This traditional museum in Zagreb takes pride in its collection of items from all parts of Croatia, as well as donated private collections. A collection of “extraordinary dolls” in authentic local national costumes is the museum’s pride. Special attention is given to material cultures such as folk costumes, furnishing, house inventory, old musical instruments, ritual items and other things during the period of Romanticism.

2. Museum of Contemporary Art

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One of the most iconic museums in Zagreb; it prides itself in its “collection in motion” which emphasizes movement, change, and uncertainty shown through different frames together with its permanent exhibition. In addition, numerous cultural events, as well as temporary exhibitions, are organized in the museum’s multifunctional space. Among some of their collections, visitors can see “Collection of drawings, graphics, prints and art on paper”, film and video collection (456 films and videos since the 1960s), Media art collection, Sculpture collection, a collection of paintings, etc.

3. The Museum of Arts and Crafts

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Situated in “Donji Grad” (Lower city) this museum was founded in 1880 at the initiative of the Arts Association and is represented as one of the first such institutions in Europe. Today it exhibits one hundred thousand artifacts of the fine and applied arts, dating from the 14th to 21st century, organized into collections: furniture, glass, metal, ceramics, sculpture, painting, graphic art, clocks, graphic and product design, architecture, photography (one of the oldest in the world) painted leather, ivory etc. Some of these collections hold up to several thousand artifacts, so they represent museums within a museum. The museum library with a reading room that contains more than 65000 volumes of books and magazines represents one of the oldest libraries in this part of Europe.

4. Museum of Illusions

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Museum of Illusions”]
It is an adventure museum in the center of Zagreb in 72 Ilica street. This museum shows that museums are no longer places in which exhibits are to be found in showcases or on walls exclusively. It also breaks the perception of museums as places where you can only see paintings, sculptures, and old items. This fascinating world of illusions will leave anyone breathless, while at the same time learning, having great fun and testing your own perception of reality. The museum welcomes all generations but children are the happiest here. You can try to fight the force of gravity in the anti-gravity room, enjoy the largest collection of holograms in this part of Europe, serve your head on a platter, climb the ceiling and much more.

5. Museum of Broken Relationships

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Museum of Broken Relationships”]
It is the most original museum of Zagreb, the winner of Kenneth – Hudson European Museum award for the most innovative museum in Europe. The contemporarily decorated and innovatively conceived space in the Upper Town speaks of eternal theme of love. The exhibition is composed of objects and stories given by people from all over the world.   The exhibit of this dynamic set-up are various items that had some special meaning for the couple during the relationship, and after their parting represented a painful experience. There is a broad range of exhibits, from trivial things like a garden gnome, bizarreries as X-ray image of the brain, to impressive things like pianos. You can pick up memorabilia and souvenirs in memory of your former, current or future partner in the museum shop.

6. Automobiles Museum Ferdinand Budicki

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Automobiles Museum Ferdinand Budicki”]
It is a great place for car lovers. It comprises not just of old-timers, motorbikes, and bikes but also other artifacts somewhat connected to automobiles and automotive industry of this region. In addition to this, there are more than a couple of hours of film material from 1909 to 1990 and numerous events in which car lovers can take part. Besides its primary exhibitions of cars, motors, and bikes, there are numerous theme exhibitions of photos, workshops, seminars, and restorations dedicated to 115 years of the automobile industry in Croatia.

7. Mimara Museum

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It is the largest in Croatia and an unavoidable culture point of Zagreb. This dignified building with the landscaped front gardens draws any passerby and many tourists come expressly to visit the prime Croatian art museum jewel. The museum is ideal for making the acquaintance of all of the historical stylistic periods of European art, as well as the arts of cultures and civilizations of the Far East. The permanent exhibition consists of collections of glass, oriental rugs, Far East art, the archaeology of ancient civilizations, European sculpture, and fine art from the early Middle Ages to the 20th century, icons from 6th to the 16th century and paintings from the 17th to 20th century. The museum premises host numerous cultural events every day, and the museum regularly opens its doors to temporary exhibitions of foreign and domestic artists.

8. Zagreb City Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Zagreb City Museum”]
It was founded at the beginning of 20th century to tell the story of the life of Zagreb, its inhabitants, their everyday life and their historical events. The exhibition set-up follows the development of the city in chronological order from its beginnings. The museum has been enhanced with separate collections of prominent personalities like August Senoa and the actress Tille Durieux as well as several branch collections like the memorial space of the writer Miroslav Krleza. The permanent exhibition of the museum is regularly joined by some temporary exhibition always related in its subject to Zagreb.

9. Archaeological Museum

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It is located in the very center of Zagreb, just a few steps from the main square. The Prehistoric and Egyptian collection, the Ancient collection and Numismatic collection represent the archeological heritage in an up-to-date, interactive and interesting manner. The objects displayed show up the everyday lives of people in a given historical era, their religion, and art, military equipment and weapons, their coinage. Learn the ways in which the inhabitants of Croatia in the Old and New Stone Ages, Bronze Age and the Early and Late Iron Ages lived. The Ancient period left traces in our religions in all corners of Croatia, so the Greek and Roman heritage are presented everywhere in vases, monuments, and ruins of their ancient cities from which many of today cities formed. A special secret hidden in the museum is the Zagreb mummy and the linen book.

10. Torture Museum

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It is another one of Zagreb`s unique museums, giving its visitors a unique insight into one of medieval favorite’s arts – the torture. It holds more than 70 instruments and devices which were used to torment and intimidate people. Some of the exhibits people can see are “Guillotine” – a replica from 1972, “Pendulum” – a swinging blade that descends lower and lower with each sweep, “iron maiden” – one the most brutal torture instruments and many other. Inside the museum, the ambiance is designed in semi darkness in which the visitors can feel a true medieval torture dungeon. The history of each torture instrument has a video and audio guide so visitors can learn about them.