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Top 10 Places To Go Shopping In Berlin


1. Alexa

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The shopping mall named Alexa at Alexander Platz is a very famous one and very easily reachable since it is located in the middle of the city! The mall has a vast variety of shops that cannot be found at every corner and hence becomes a place for some quality shopping. Alexa is not only famous for the number of shops that it consists of but also because of the architectural marvel that it is. Make sure to go here at least once!

2. Mall of Berlin

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I think the name itself makes it very clear that this is “THE” mall of Berlin, meaning, it has too many shops ranging from the sports shops to cosmetic shops to even having supermarkets INSIDE the mall. If the weather is too bad and you want to hang out with someone then the mall of Berlin always comes to your rescue! The mall has cheap as well as expensive stores, making it possible for everyone to shop from there! It is really close to the Brandenburg gate, so you could walk from there and even see the holocaust memorial on your way.

3. Flea Market at Boxhagener Platz

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Flea Market at Boxhagener Platz”]
This one is quite self-explanatory! 😉 it’s a flea market which means you can get all sorts of stuff at a very low price. The stuff can be anything ranging from clothes to furniture to jewelry and even books. Be cautious, though, not everything you get here is of good quality! This flea market is open on Sundays from morning 10 to evening 6 o clock. One can go there just to do some window shopping or even when one’s budget is not too much but has to buy a lot of stuff: for example furniture, cooking tools, etc.

4. Friedrichstrasse

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Friedrichstrasse basically means Friedrich street! It has a lot of high-quality stores which are also known as luxury stores. Some of them are ZARA and MARCO POLO. This street is famous for its glamor and style and the variety of options of entertainment that it provides; shopping being one of these options. There are not only these high-quality stores but also some souvenir shops that offer souvenirs to take home from Berlin, such as t-shirts that have Berlin written on them or the tiny versions of the Berliner bear, mugs, caps, etc.

5. The Designer Outlet

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The designer outlet is located not much away from the city of Berlin. Here you can get designer things for a reduced price since that is how it works in these “factory outlets”. If you’re very concerned about what brand of clothing you should have, or what brand of anything you should have, then this place is good for some reasonable shopping! It won’t be a rip off like all the other designer stores. 🙂

6. Postdamer Platz Arcades

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Postdamer Platz Arcades”]
This is a shopping mall at the famous Potsdamer Platz and has over 100 shops inside the mall. It is very famous among tourists as well as the locals and gets millions and billions of visitors every year. It is an 18-year-old mall and was opened in October 1998. The building is so huge that it can be viewed from different sides and gives different views from each side. Indeed an amazing piece of architecture, too!

7. The Black Friday

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Now unlike a place, the black Friday is a kind of a festival that gives the opportunity to customers to buy things at an immensely reduced rate! This used to take place only in the United States of America until Apple started its first black Friday in Germany in 2006. This day is the day of special offers, discounts, promotional gifts and so on. In Germany, however, black Friday takes place online; that is on websites. Interesting, isn’t it? What’s even better is that there are discounts up to 90% which means you get the product, almost for free.

8. Bikini House

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Bikini House”]
A bikini house? Probably sells bikinis, right? NOPE. Surprisingly, that’s not what this place is about. It was a place where production of bikinis took place in West Berlin when Germany was divided into two, hence the name- BIKINI HOUSE. In Germany, the place is simply known as BIKINI BERLIN, because it is in Berlin. It was initially an industrial building that was filled with offices, later on, it was made a shopping mall, mainly consisting of shopping for clothes. It has different exits and one of them takes you to the zoological garden! It was also initially at the place of the Zoo but later on moved to the Buda street.

9. Tauentzien Street

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Tauentzien Street”]
This street is located in the districts of Charlottenburg and Scheoneberg, wonder how come a street is in two different districts? Well, that’s the beauty of it! It is a very large street that extends up to 500 meters and thus has a lot of stores. It is situated in one of the most happening places in Berlin. The street also offers a huge variety of food stores, in case you get tired from all the walking and shopping. Apart from entertainment, the street was a host to marathons in the past.

10. Soto – The Concept Store

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Soto – The Concept Store”]
SOTO literally means SOUTH OF TOR STREET! It is a concept store for men, that has designer clothing and other accessories from designers coming from all seven continents of the world. It was opened by men who are experts in the field of fashion for men, offering a vast range of styles ranging from retro fashion to modern styles that men need to wear and flaunt in today’s life! The store is quite famous for offering clothes for practically every single occasion.
Hope you find this useful and have a fun time shopping in Berlin and otherwise!

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