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Top 10 places to visit in Thailand

There are so many reasons why Asia is such a popular tourist destination. People from all over the world visit the countries of this continent for:

Among the many places that sit on a large number of bucket lists is Thailand. The sheer variety and number of Thailand attractions are enough to give you a holiday of a lifetime. But here are 10 places that you could start with.

Khao Phing Kan

More popularly known as James Bond Island, this iconic locale played a spectacular role in the movie ‘Man with the Golden Gun’. One of the most striking formations here is the Ko Tapu which is shaped like a nail.

Emerald Pool

Nature’s hot-tub Jacuzzi is best experienced in the Krabi province. Stuffed with mineral salts and sublimely hot water – taking a dip in the emerald pool seems to be good for the body, mind, and soul. And if you want to cool off after your hot bath, take a dip in the river that runs below.

Terminal 21

The magic of taking a trip around the world while you are in one place is not a work of fiction anymore. Step into the shopping mall known as Terminal 21 and you will step into the world. Each floor is modeled after a city. Enjoy Hollywood on the 6th floor and Istanbul on the 3rd floor.

Khao Sok

The oldest evergreen forest in the world – that’s one of the selling points of this national park in south Thailand. The Cheow Lan Lake will stun you with its beauty and you can also choose between various tours depending on your time in Thailand.

Lumphini Park

Speaking of natural spaces, you have to put Lumphini Park on your list as well. Physical activities aside, you can also spot monitor lizards wandering about in the park.

Maya Bay

There are many beaches in Thailand and visiting Maya Bay will give you the opportunity to visit the beach featured in the movie The Beach! Soft sands and multi-hued coral are just 2 reasons why you should head here.

Wat Hat Yai Nai

Temples abound in Thailand and one such temple is the Wat Hat Yai Nai or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This is an open air temple and you can walk around and nourish your soul here.

Sukhumvit Road

The sois of Sukhumvit have so much to offer by way of shopping, bars, restaurants and so on that it is a mini-Thai tour all by itself. It is easy enough to plan your journey through Sukhumvit Road based on the attractions that each Soi has to offer.

Wat Samphran

Bright pink, 17 storeys high and a dragon coiled around it – that’s the building of the Wat Samphran Temple for you. This is an offbeat choice to make but if you love quirky architecture then head on over.


The ruins of a city founded in 1350 give you a history lesson of deep profundity. Temples and statues abound in this place and it can leave you speechless with wonder.

This article about Thailand attractions is written and published by John Bruce a travel writer and a professional wildlife photographer.
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