January 29, 2022


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Top 10 Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Is it safe for women to travel alone around the world and stay safe? Yes! It is very much possible even if you are heading to developing countries, or do not speak the native language, or traveling alone.  With simple planning and tips provided ahead, you will have the opportunity to go on your first trip with confidence and enjoy every moment of the journey. Traveling teaches you to be independent, observant, organized, and responsible. Apart from exploring new places, you further have the opportunity to learn more about the history, culture, and the lifestyle.
Here are the ten safety tips:

1. Research your destination

For many travelers, researching about the destination gives the same amount of pleasure as traveling. Apart from looking at the coolest cities and beautiful beaches, take some time to explore the safety information about your destination.
Give priority to your safety and look for neighborhoods that are safe and those that you should avoid. Gather details about transportation. You can see if there are particular taxis that you can take in the city. Check for a medical center and the distance from the location where you are planning to spend your vacation. It is always helpful to know about these in advance, so that, you can utilize them efficiently.
Speaking about your boarding, consider the safety features of the place rather than the amenities. Search the Internet to read the reviews posted by previous guests. They give in-depth information about experiences of staying at the place. You can also look for patterns that you think require thought.
Also, consider looking at your local transportation. Check for the details of public transportation and see whether they cover most of your itinerary. If not, look at the car rental services and their norms. Further, see if these change during the night and weekends.
See if you can talk to a local doctor or a nurse before you head to your destination. See if you need any vaccinations or prepare yourself for any health issues.
If your destination offers a broad range of adventurous activities, then consider the safety norms. Check with your travel insurance if they provide cover when you injure yourself in such activity.
It is the first step that you take while you are in thoughts about traveling alone.

2. Secure your valuables

As a rule, do not bring anything that you are not supposed to carry when you are traveling. It includes expensive jewelry, birth certificates, family heirlooms, etc.
Today, you have the comforts of traveling with technology, which was never the scenario a decade ago. You will be carrying your smartphone, laptops, kindle, DSLR cameras, and lenses. They all are valuables when you consider the replacement cost for any of the item.
It is also essential for you to carry a day bag where you can fit all your valuable items such as the camera, the passport, medicines, credit cards, smartphone and other technology gadgets. Never put them in the checked luggage on a plane.

3. Carry what you need

You do not have to go out in the city carrying your entire luggage. Only take what is necessary and leave the rest locked up. It includes your debit card, smartphone, and some cash that you can use while traveling.

4. Do not trust people

When you are traveling alone and in a new destination, you can find yourself tempted to join a tribe. Sometimes such an activity turns into lifelong friendships. However, it is important for you not to trust people easily. Take things slowly and enjoy the freedom you have in exploring the destination.

5. Watch your drinking habits

You have to watch your drinking habits whether you are at home or on the road. You will be reducing the activity of your senses and reaction time due to excessive consumption of alcohol. It does not indicate that you ought not to drink at all. Instead, drink slowly and within limits. Warrant that you are acutely aware of the surroundings and are capable of getting back to your boarding place safely.

6. Blend as much as you can

Research about your destination in advance and learn the way people dress up. It is important for you to mix locally to ensure that you avoid yourself falling into the hands of wrong people. Pick dresses that cover your body entirely. It means that you will be covering yourself completely in Muslim countries; wear loose clothing in India, and long pants in Europe and Latin America.

7. Spend more for safety

Although you are tempted to spend extra cash towards entertainment and fun activities, it is a smart idea to invest in safety. For example, when you are landing late in the night, look for a guesthouse that is willing to pick up from the airport. Such services cost you an additional amount. Do not think about the additional amount and go for it, as it will ensure your safety.

8. Preparing for the worst

Although you come well prepared, you still have to prepare yourself for the unforeseen activities. Your backup plan should include copies of all your documents such as passport and identity card. You can also keep a copy of all your documents in Cloud websites such as Google Docs or Dropbox. Also, keep in a record of the phone numbers of your bank and credit card. Store secret amount in a hidden spot, so that it will be useful in emergencies such as a situation where you lost your purse.

9. Travel insurance

Many travel without valid travel insurance. In unforeseen circumstances, the travel insurance will save your life. You can utilize the insurance when you lose your luggage, end up in injuries due to natural disaster, or other similar situations where you require the needed security. Look for an affordable travel insurance that will offer a broad range of protection to the travelers.

10. Regular communication with family

It is a genuine idea to interact regularly with family or friends. It is also useful to give a copy of your travel itinerary in advance to friends and family members. You can contact them through social media updates, emails, or regular Skype chats. Look at a convenient time and follow a consistent schedule. Being safe and conveying the same thing is as important as you traveling alone.