Top 10 Scariest Places in USA

1. Mammoth Cave


This is the longest cave system in the world. This cave was used as the home to the tuberculosis patients in 1842. There was a doctor’s idea that the vapors in the cave will cure the patients. Sounds haunted for you?

2. Amityville House


One of the most famous haunted houses in the USA is located in the state of New York. As soon as I got close to this town, I realized that the energy of the place is just horrible. There is a movie about the paranormal activities around this house.

3. Bell Witch Cave


Locals believe that this cave was the home of the spirit of a witch that haunted John Bell (owner) in 1817. Again there is a movie about this place. Really creepy and terrifying town to visit.

4. U.S.S. Lexington Corpus Cristi


Back in the WWII, more than 400 people died on this ship. Some of the visitors of the place feel weird energy will in the ship. I really liked the tour of Lexington because it is a combination of history and creepy stories.

5. Ted Bundy House


Ted Bundy is the most popular serial killer in the USA. The only thing left from his house is a small cellar. In this cellar, Bundy was holding his victims. Interesting place for every fan of the horror and thrillers.

6. University of Vermont Haunted Dorms


Locals believe that some of the buildings in this university are haunted. Many fans of the paranormal activities try to illegally visit this place.

7. Mount Baker Theatre


The place was created in 1927 when the construction destroyed the home of a woman called Judy. Nowadays visitors report weird activities in the theater. We can count this place as legit since the tv show Ghost Hunters explored the Mount Baker Theatre.

8. Summerwind Mansions


In the 1970s, the Hinshaw family lived in this house. They experienced plenty of weird and paranormal activities in the mansion. Later in 1988, lightning struck the house and burned it to the ground. We can only see ruins now.

9. Cahawba


One of the biggest ghost towns in the US is located in Alabama. Cahawba used to be the capital of Alabama but in the 20th century, the residents moved. This turned the town into a ghost place. It is a mix between ghost adventure and plague apocalypse.

10. Stanley Hotel


There are two famous things about this hotel. It is haunted by the old owners of the place and it is also an inspiration to one of the Stephen King’s movies (The Shining). Interesting place for Stephen King fans!

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