Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Berlin – Germany

Going back home from a lovely vacation? Need to buy gifts for your loved ones? Here are a few things that are available only in Berlin and which are must to take along as gifts!

1. Berlin Beer


Beer is what Germany is most famous for! Germany has a large variety of beers with an even larger number of brands that make it. Berlin offers beer ranging from 2 percent to 84 percent of alcohol content in it. If you’re coming to Germany in October, then you have to buy beer from the October fest that is held every year in a pompous manner in Germany!

2. Chocolates


Something that people of all age groups can’t deny- chocolates! Chocolates of over 200 types can be found in the famous Rausch Schokoladenaus (meaning Rausch Chocolate House) in different shapes and sizes. The fun part about them is that they make chocolates as miniature representations of their monuments like they have chocolates in the shape of the Brandenburg gate or the Berlin TV tower, etc. They also offer online services, in case you forget to buy things from there, they are just a click away!

3. A gourmet box from KaDeWe


Now there is something that is not so typical as a souvenir. This would also be a great choice if you want to gift something to your boss or a colleague. This gourmet box has a luxury, high class, fragrant ingredients in it, which makes it super classy and edgy at the same time, and an excellent souvenir of the extravagant city of Berlin. The gourmet box will not only make the receiver happy, it will also leave you with an unforgettable shopping experience! Get ready to spend some money, though.

4. Photos


Photos? You must be wondering, why photos? I am not talking about those selfies that you take with your smartphone or the photos you take of the famous places in berlin, I’m talking about the photos that you can take in the Photoautomat ( meaning photo machine ). Yes, there is a photo machine/photo booth at almost every corner and taking crazy pictures inside it with your friends and family is something which we don’t do every day and it can be exciting! Try it! Plus, you get pictures to take home :)

5. T-shirts


This is actually a great souvenir because it not only makes it evident that you were in Berlin but also is quite cheap to buy and fashionable. There are so many souvenir shops in Berlin where you get t-shirts that say ‘I love Berlin’ or have the picture of the Brandenburg gate on it or have the picture of a bear climbing the TV tower, etc. This is a great option if you and your friends decide on twinning some day and all of you wear the same t-shirts!

6. Berliner Bear


The Berliner bear or the buddy bear is famous for being the ambassador of Berlin! The bear is a small and nonliving figure and is available in different shops in Berlin in different sizes ranging from a few inches to a few meters. Isn’t that amazing? You can buy these small figures, books about them and also newspapers. They’re also known as happy ambassadors of Berlin and these souvenirs of the bear are found all over Germany!

7. Gummi Bears


The gummi bears are a form of jelly-like chocolates that are found in every supermarket, rather in every store. They’re an ideal choice if you’re looking for cheap souvenirs. Ampelmann shop offers a lot of variety of these gummi bears, for example, jellies, marshmallows, etc. these Ampelmann shops are also located in many places around Berlin, so finding them should not be a problem.

8. Miniature souvenirs


A miniature version of Berlin can now be taken home. Wondering how? There are miniature figures of famous monuments like the TV tower, the Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag building, the Berlin wall, etc. These can be found in different materials like ceramic, marble, graphite, glass, wood, etc.

9. Retro style bag


This is for you if you love sporting fashionable looks. The retro style bags are unique and can be found in almost every souvenir shop in Berlin. These bags give a very chic vibe and are available in a variety of color combinations such as black and white, snapped and white, giving out extra trendy vibes. These are a must buy and you can flaunt these bags in your home countries!

10. Other simple souvenirs that you can take home


Apart from all the prominent things that I mentioned above, there are a lot more things which one can buy in Berlin. These things include everything from  small pens with ‘I love Berlin’ written on them, to mugs that have some famous Berlin monument printed on it,  key chains, to small Trabi cars,  magnetic posters, lighters, teddy bears, cigarette boxes, liquor other than schnapps, glass, photo frames, umbrellas, rubber ducks and so many more exciting things!


I hope you have a wonderful time reading this and shopping for your loved ones and yourself! Remember, getting souvenirs can always be weather-based, for example, if it is winter in Berlin, the best souvenirs would be some warm clothes and woolen beanies! Have fun!

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