Top 10 Souvenirs To Buy In Crimea

If you are planning to visit Crimea soon, you should know that the beauty of that land has prepared many unexpected gifts for you: old mountains, fresh vineries, wild beaches and hidden corners of untamed nature. Indeed, that’s a place for true nature-lovers, with a rich historical and cultural background. Crimea is the land with the traces of Greek and Persian culture. Check out the outcome of such a blend yourself.


1. Aromatic Oils 

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The Crimean Peninsula is known for the exceptional quality of its aromatic oils. The subtopic climate of the south coast of Crimea only favors the growth of plants that are used for medicinal purposes. Dessert rose is one of the most typical plants that is used for the fabrication of Crimean aromatic oils. Rose extract or rose aromatic oil can be used as an addition to any cosmetic product. You can add it to your cream, shampoo, the mix of massage oils or create your own exclusive perfume.


2. Churchkhela

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Crimea is a multi-national and multi-cultural place. Historically its rich lands attracted many tribes and nations who were traveling across the peninsula, who lived and finally left the traces of their culture there. Churchkhela is considered to be a Georgian candy-shaped sweet, with walnuts in the thickened and hardened grape-juice. Although it is not originally Crimean, it became very popular both among locals and tourists.


3. Pebbles

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Crimea is located on the coast of the Black Sea. Most of the beaches that you will find there cannot boast with yellow or white sand because they are covered with pebbles. Local artisans transform these pebbles into little pieces of art. Sometimes they create sculptures, sometimes the pebbles serve as the basis for the painting. It is really incredible to see how even little stones get transformed to miniature pieces of art. If you want to bring a simple souvenir, you can always pick a pebble on the beach. Choose the one you like and its smooth texture will remind you of the sunny days you spent on the velvet green coast of the Crimean Peninsula.


4. Vines

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Crimean vines are famous all over the world. Do you know what is the best thing about local vines? You will always have plenty of choices because there is a variety of sorts of grapes. Apart from the renowned brands of vine such as DIONIS, Solnechnaya Dolina (Sun Valley), Massandra, Koktebel, Inkerman, Magarach, Noviy Svet (New World), Satera, you will always be able to find a local vine. Be careful when you choose and drink it. Sometimes its fruity taste might be misleading. When you drink it, you don’t feel that the degree of alcohol concentration is quite high, but most of the times the local vine that you can find in villages is strong.


5. Cosmetics

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Sun, water, and air are our best friends, aren´t they? It is true that the climate of Crimea is beneficial for health. Mountains and sea air make their good job but you cannot bring Crimean air home in a can (Although, it is my duty to tell you that in some gift shops they sell cans with “Crimean air”, just as a joke). Crimean climate will definitely make you healthier and good-looking. A healthy blush on the cheeks and golden tanned skin didn´t make any bad to anyone. Anyways, if you want to preserve this effect, you can try out Crimean cosmetic products. They are elaborated on the basis of local raw materials. You can always find locally-crafted face-cream or handmade shampoo.


6. Juniper Elixir

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Juniper tree that grows in rocky, mountainous and coastal areas of the Crimean Peninsula is known for its unique and extraordinary healing properties. A juniper extract can be used both for healing and for prevention of immune and respiratory diseases. Even if you are healthy and strong, the scent of juniper will remind you of Crimea and the good times you spent there for the whole peninsula smells of juniper.


7. Cosmetic Clay

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Crimea is a land that is rich in different recourses. Their variety and abundance along with mild climate attract a continuous flow of tourists annually. Crimea is known for being rich in deposits of clay. This fact can be beneficial for women. We all know that skin is the biggest organ that a human being has. It is extremely important to take proper care of it. Blue, red, white, black, green, yellow – all of these colors are also the varieties of cosmetic clay that you can easily find in Crimea. All of them have a wide range of properties and can be applied to different types of skins.


8. Shells

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What can be more natural and more romantic than bringing a bunch of shells from the beach instead of buying souvenirs? If it sounds a bit rehearsed for you, there are many local marketplaces, especially at the viewing points, where you will be able to find art, décor and jewelry objects created from shells. Some of them are very practical. You will be able to find anything you want from ashtrays, lighters, cups, and pens to something more refined like pictures incrusted with nacre. The best souvenir to buy within this category is just a big shell. After coming back home from your vacation, whenever you want to evoke good memories, just take a shell and put it close to your ear and you will hear the sounds of the sea.


9. Sailor’s T-shirt

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You might not believe it, but Crimea is known for its naval history. It is located on the seaside of the black sea and there are plenty of important and interesting spots related to naval history that can be featured, starting from Balaklava, where the secret submarine factory was located and finishing by Sevastopol, where the Naval parade is annually held. Local people´s life is intimately connected with the sea. It feeds them and attracts tourists and visitors. It is quite typical to see locals wearing a sailor’s shirts or T-shirts as a casual outfit.


10. Dolphin´s Figure

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You might not know the fact that there is a species of dolphin that lives in the Black Sea. The common bottlenose dolphin is tenderly called Aphalina by local people. It is quite common to meet dolphins if you go to the beach on the Southern part of the peninsula, especially if you are an early bird who wakes up around 06.00 AM. In the time, approximately from 6 to 9 AM they hunt and jump from the water.

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