August 12, 2020


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Top 10 Things To Do At Night In Ibiza

Most people hear the name ‘Ibiza’ and immediately think ‘party’. It is true, Ibiza is the Balearic island where it is possible to dance the night away in some of the best clubs in the world. Certainly, Ibiza is often described as the ‘Nightclub Capital of Europe’, but apart from this, it is also a beautiful island with sandy beaches, a rich history, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus great food! Enjoy discovering the bars and clubs at sundown, but whilst you are on the island, why not enjoy some of the other reasons that make Ibiza special?

1. Dance the night away on land

Amnesia Ibiza, via Wikimedia Commons

For 25 years, Ibiza has dominated the international clubbing scene and has a huge number of nightclubs for its size! Today there are 14 large nightclubs to enjoy, each with a headlining DJ who plays different music every night. There are just so many great clubs to choose from with Amnesia and Privilege in the middle of the island, Benimussa Park open air under the stars just outside San Antonio, Eden and Es Paradis both on the waterfront in San Antonio and Ushuaia situated right on the beach at Playa d’en Bossa so you can dance on the sand! Apart from the main room, most of the clubs have a smaller, backroom where a completely different genre of music is played. There are numerous smaller clubs sprinkled across the island too – so why not try out a few?

2. Or on a boat

Kelly.ibiza, via Wikimedia Commons

Boat parties have been popular in Ibiza for ten years now and are great fun. The boats sail either from San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. The boats leaving San Antonio usually leave at sunset which makes a very special start to the evening. Everyone gets welcomed on board with a free drink and some boat parties have a free bar – but be sensible with these. Once the boat party has arrived back in the harbor, free tickets are distributed to a nearby nightclub for those who want to carry on dancing!

3. Climb to the top of Sa Talaia

Tigresp at Polish Wikipedia

This is the island’s highest point and the climb starts in Saint Josep. In all honesty, it is not a hard climb – 2.5 km in a steady uphill direction! The effort is well worthwhile because there is a wonderful panoramic view of the whole island from the top. The best time of day to make the climb is as sunset approaches because the view then is very special indeed.

4. Enjoy a leisurely Spanish meal

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It can be fun to find somewhere slightly quieter to enjoy a leisurely evening meal. The Spanish dine after 9.00 p.m. when the temperature has dropped and they can relax a little. A good Paella takes a great deal of beating, so it is worth finding out which local restaurants are well known for this traditional dish. Paella is a delicious mixture of rice, cooked chicken and seafood that is flavored and colored with saffron. If you are not a seafood fan, you can order a chicken only Paella!

5. Drink cocktails at sunset

stavros1, via Wikimedia Commons

San Antonio is the best place to enjoy the most amazing sunsets. It is a good idea to get there about an hour before sunset and to take a stroll along ‘Sunset Strip’. Choose one of the cocktail bars, sit down, order yourself your favorite cocktail and relax, watching the sun as it slowly sinks in the sky – magical…
If you walk along to the end of the promenade, you will find Café del Mar. Not only is this a great place to watch the sunset, but you can also relax to its excellent chill music too.

6. Or take an evening boat trip

Markus Heller, via Wikimedia Commons

Es Vedra is a dramatic offshore mountainous islet that rises 400 meters out of the sea. It stands just three kilometers off the coast at Cala d’ Hort and there are plenty of myths about this mysterious place including that it is a fragment of the City of Atlantis. To add to its mystery, it is great fun to take a boat trip out there early evening and to watch the sun set behind it – very dramatic!

7. Have fun staying in a hostel

The Amistat Hostel in San Antonio has a really good reputation and is a great way to make lots of new friends. The hostel itself is very comfortable and everyone enjoys going out in groups by day and night. During the day there will be trips to the popular Hippy Market or trying some water sports and at night, there could be a trip to a nightclub or an al fresco communal meal followed by an impromptu guitar evening on the beach.

8. Be entertained over dinner

The Lio is a popular upmarket restaurant in Ibiza Town. Whilst you enjoy a lovely dinner, there is a dinner show with either a singer, comedian, dancers or even acrobats! Once the dinner show is over, Lio is quickly transformed into a colorful nightclub with dancing long into the night.

9. Join a night dive

Scuba diving is popular in Ibiza as the water is so clear. Just off the western coast of the island, there are 15 islands known as the Cala d’ Hort Marine Nature Reserve which offers some of the best diving in the Mediterranean with rich marine life and numerous underwater features. For a completely different experience, why not book a night dive?

10. Visit the aquarium at night

During the months June-September, Aquarium Cap Blanc is open until 10.00 in the night! The aquarium is situated just along the coast from San Antonio and it is a pleasant walk to get there. Aquarium Cap Blanc is situated in a huge natural cave that was used by local fishermen for storing the lobsters they had caught. Today, the cleverly lit water tanks are fed by five different water inlets that ensure the water is continually being renewed and visitors can see all the different fish and marine creatures found in the Mediterranean. Aquarium Cap Blanc is also a recovery center for injured marine turtles.