January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Atlanta At Night

Whether it’s time for a wild night out or a low-key Friday night outing with a friend, Atlanta provides you with a serene and lively nightlife full of various interesting and exciting fun things to engage in.


It doesn’t matter what kind of a nightlife lover you are; may it be that you want to enjoy a late night movie, boogie at a bar or looking to impress your date with that truly special, adventurous and romantic date night, Atlanta has a little bit something for everyone whenever the sun goes down.


Regardless of whether you are visiting Atlanta for the first time or you are a regular night owl in the city, here are the top 10 things to do in Atlanta at night.


1. The Georgia Aquarium

Zac Wolf, via Wikimedia Commons


As I started by saying when it comes to nightlife in Atlanta, you must always come prepared to have some really fascinating fun; fun that will go beyond just the ordinary dining and probably some club hopping.


And indeed, sometimes you may be required to not only put on the dancing shoes but also the swim trunks. And that is exactly what the Georgia aquarium is all about. As we speak, it has literally grown to be one of the most phenomenal tourist attraction sites in the United States. Though it schedules both daytime& nighttime sleepovers, the Georgia Aquarium has majorly received its wide recognition from the night time sleepovers. They are just awesome!


With offers for both adults-only and children/family options, you will have the chance to tour the entire facility as the night whiskers away and most importantly sleep with the fish. It’s simply thrilling and adventurous!


2. SkyView Atlanta

Don McCulley, via Wikimedia Commons


This one is breathtaking! Take a view of the vast Atlanta city from twenty stories Centennial Olympic Park on the gigantic Atlanta Ferris Wheel.


You will be able to see the dazzling and mind-blowing display of the city’s lights. For ultimate comfort, you may consider the VIP seats. Here, you will enjoy panoramic views in 3D and for longer periods as they usually take a longer time.


3. The Basement Theatre



The Basement Theater features some of the most unique Improv comedy shows you will ever experience in your lifetime. Their acts run from Thursday to Saturday nights. You can get your tickets online for about $12 and set yourself up for a night of laughter. They offer both ‘R-rated” shows (for adults only) and the “G-Rated” ones (suitable for family viewing).


4. Atlanta Botanical Garden

David Berkowitz, via Wikimedia Commons


How about a romantic date night in Atlanta? Well, nothing would set a better romantic date night especially for nature lovers than the thrilling Atlanta Botanical Garden. The scenery is out of this world! Simply stunning and perfect for a joyous picnic! There are also plenty of other engaging activities offered here like the special learning events/classes.


The perfect spot to go and learn something new with your lover!


5. Top Golf



Where are golf lovers? If you are one of them, then prepare yourself for an electrifying sporting activity at Top Golf Atlanta.


The joint also features a full-service restaurant and bar to ensure you are always covered whenever the need to bite something or grab a couple of drinks arises.


6. The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse



Just as its names suggests, The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is one of the most innovative and creative playhouses I have come across. It is a theater and at the same time a world-class tavern. Besides sensational theatrics from Shakespeare pieces, you will also have unlimited access to a very robust menu featuring café food, ales, and beers.


For a truly unique and fulfilling night be sure to check out the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. Ensure to visit their site to get a vivid picture of their show schedules.


7. Elliott Street Deli & Pub



This is the home of Atlanta’s music and art scene. They are full of various events and acts throughout the week. This is usually at its epitome on Wednesdays when they hold live jazz music coupled with some electrifying musical acts from renowned local artists.


From sassy sandwiches to the vibrant and artsy neighborhood in this area, you will definitely fall in love with this place. 


8. Haunted Evening Atlanta Pub Tour

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Atlanta is both rich in culture and history. And that’s what you will experience at Haunted Evening Atlanta Pub Tour.


Accompanied by a costumed guide, embark on an adventurous and fun tour that will offer many memorial sites and educational venues of Atlanta city. Stroll through the Oakland Cemetery and learn about Atlanta’s bloody past where ghosts are to-date believed to walk amongst the living.


Additionally, as you spook around you can always pop into a number of haunted beverage-serving joints for a glass of wine or even a martini.


9. Sister Louisa’s CHURCH of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium



For the young at heart, this is the best bar to visit and have ultimate fun in Atlanta. Over the years, the ever-lit joint has been known to attract a variety of celebrities while filming in the city such as Ben Stiller who is a frequent visitor.


Indeed, ‘Going to church’ gets a whole new meaning in this nighttime Old Fourth Ward-Church, as many locals in Edgewood like to call the scenes at Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium. The two-story dive bar has innovatively put a twist on traditional religious traditions and art to bring out a new, amazing and glamorous definition to fun and the entire hospitality industry as a whole.


10. Laughing Skull Lounge



How about ending your day with doubled laughter? Well, think no further than Laughing Skull Lounge. It has some of the most outstanding stand-up talents I have ever come across.


For a good-humorous night, do not hesitate to visit this highly-acclaimed comedy club and crack your ribs. It hosts some of the biggest names in both the local and national comedy scene just to ensure that you relieve all the bustles of the day in style!