January 22, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires At Night

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, is overly known for the gastronomic experiences that it can offer or the architecture and dancing shows that are a reminder of the traditions of the last century, but there’s much more to discover about this gorgeous and cosmopolitan location, such as extremely well crafted educational experiences and elegant and trendy districts that can be enjoyed by everybody.

1. Dine and watch a Tango show

McKay Savage, via Wikimedia Commons

Tango is traditionally known as one of the most attractive features of Buenos Aires – and it’s a must during holidays. Usually, there are tons of bars and restaurants that offer shows of the different price range. You can enjoy the variety of food, the talent of the many tango dancers that live in the city and travel back to the early decades of the 20th century.

2. Discover museums during the night


One of the most loved events by both locals and tourists is the Night of the Museums. Usually taking place in the second part of the year, it is an experience that everyone should be part of at least once in a lifetime. During this night, a lot of museums and music shows (from Jazz to Rock) have free entry, parks are ornamented with colorful lights, and trendy gastronomic locations receive billions of people since 8 p.m.

3. Go to The Theatre

Roger Schultz, via Wikimedia Commons

The main opera house in Buenos Aires, Colón Theatre, has been through generations a defining cultural feature of not only the capital but of the country itself.  The Colón is considered one of the top five performance venues in the world, and therefore you should go and see how well-deserved that position is by yourself. Free and paid shows (choirs, ballet, orchestras, opera) are available equally, and you only have to look at its official website to catch up with the schedule, which is busy during both day and night.

4. A romantic walk in La Boca

Sombra Inquieta, via Wikimedia Commons

The most picturesque place in Buenos Aires is definitely La Boca, the district that gave origin to most of the traditional activities of the city. Being also the hometown of the port-painter, Benito Quinquela Martín – La Boca’s colorful pastel buildings, antique houses and stone streets make it one of the most romantic and lovely sceneries that Buenos Aires has to offer. If you are traveling with your partner, it’s more than obvious that you should strongly suggest this place.

5. Drink beer in a local bar


One of the most frequented bars in Buenos Aires is the Brukbar, in the heart of Palermo Soho. Being especially popular since 2012, this bar is particularly known because of its Bloody Mary and its Cheescake Martini. Any enthusiast of trendy bars should definitely give it a try. Its French Fries and Burgers are praised by everyone. People are also fond of the friendly staff, who would not hesitate to give you the best service possible for a very reasonable price.

6. Watch a movie at the Showcase Cinema

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Movie enthusiasts will not be disappointed after visiting the Showcase Cinema complex. There’s a wide range of functions at night, so it’s tremendously common to go watch any movie you wish at the moment that fits your schedule better, including past midnight. This movie theatre chain is widely spread across the capital, but the Belgrano Showcase Cinema is one of the most recommended locations. Enormous and spaced, after watching a movie you can always go to the food court that’s right next to it, where you and your family will find a huge variety of fast food options. There are also a few kids’ places to play around while they wait for their meal, like Playland Park, an arcade game shop like those you could find in the 90s and early 2000s.

7. Visit the city’s most elegant harbor

Photo by hernanpba on Foter.com

The urban district of Puerto Madero has been through several rises and falls since the 19th century, but it finally became one of the most active places in Buenos Aires. Bars, disco clubs, hotels, artistic sculptures (such as The Font of The Nereids) and art museums (De La Cárcova museum) are just a few of the entire list of activities that are available. Of course, you can always visit Puerto Madero just for the harbor, walk right next to the coastline, and appreciate the view of one of the richest and diverse districts of the whole city. Although it’s inherently elegant, you can still go out wearing your most comfortable clothes and walk through the big and lively parks this great place has to offer.

8. Taste local and sophisticated food


‘The Argentine Experience’ is a local restaurant (rated 5 stars on Trip Advisor) which mainly focuses on steakhouse food. Its delicious BBQs (asados) is something you can’t simply try if you are in Buenos Aires, which is one of the reasons the capital is culturally known for. They also offer a fine wine list, and they even can arrange a corporate experience if you are in the city for business meetings. Specifically made for tourists, it’s not possible to leave Argentina without visiting its marvelous cuisine. Located in Palermo Hollywood, if you truly want to taste Argentinian food, visiting this place will give you an unforgettable memory.

9. Dance at the Amerika Disco Club

Chris Freeland, via Wikimedia Commons

Do you enjoy dancing with your friends? The disco club Amerika is the right place for you. Despite its cheap price – it’s one of the most enjoyable discos of all the capital city. Acclaimed by young adults, Amerika is one of the largest LGBTQ+ friendly discos in Latin America. These two reasons are more than enough to visit and have fun in the district of Almagro.

10. Use telescopes at the Galileo Galilei Planetarium

Christian Pavez, via Wikimedia Commons

For those who are fans of astronomy, the old Galileo Galilei Planetarium is one of the most gorgeous and characteristic places of the city. You are welcome to watch the sky through giant telescopes by yourself, just like scientists do, every night at 7:30. It’s a free entry activity for kids and adults. There are also a lot of other educational activities, just as public speeches from experts that are visiting the country, courses offered by the institution, spectacle rooms where they show documentaries and tours through the museum section.  And who knows, maybe you are lucky enough and get to see an eclipse from the Planetarium!