January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Dublin At Night

Dublin may be smaller than many European capitals, but it is certainly full of charm and great fun. Evenings in Dublin are memorable with plenty of live music and good food as well as some offbeat things to do as the sun goes down!

1. Enjoy the city’s best fish n’ chips

antonf, via Wikimedia Commons

Leo Burdocks is the best-known chippy in Dublin and is the city’s oldest. It is a tiny chippy – five people and it is packed out so you will have to grab your order and find somewhere to sit and enjoy great fish n’ chips. You will not be alone in your sentiment because on the ‘wall of fame’ just left of the shop is a dazzling list of celebs and politicians who have enjoyed a portion before you! Insider information – ask for the crispy bits to be added to your chip portion as they are the tastiest of all!

2. Browse a great night market

Chris Whippet, via Wikimedia Commons

The scarlet painted frontage of the Temple Bar is certainly iconic and all year through you can be sure to enjoy a drink and some good live music there. In the summer months (end of April until the end of August) there is an extra reason to go there for the Temple Bar Night Market. The cobbled streets of the Temple Bar area are transformed by numerous stalls selling all types of goodies and it is a vibrant place to enjoy a browse and some souvenir shopping.

3. A night at the theatre

Flickr user bjaglin, via Wikimedia Commons

The Abbey Theatre (also known as the National Theatre of Ireland) is the perfect place to enjoy a really good evening at the theatre as it is one of the country’s best-loved cultural venues. It was one of the first theatres to receive a subsidy from the government to support its work.
The Abbey Theatre has always showcased plays by Irish playwrights and in 2005 began its New Playwrights Programme which each season produces plays by six new Irish playwrights. This has been a successful event as it gives the new writers the best possible exposure.

4. Jump aboard the ghost bus tour


This is not for the faint-hearted but is a very different way to spend two hours in the evening! The guided bus tour explores a very different side of the city’s character including all its haunted landmarks! You will learn the story of the Lady in White and visit eerie St Kevin’s graveyard.

5. Immerse yourself in James Joyce


If you are a bit of a literary buff, you will be delighted to be visiting Dublin, home of James Joyce the novelist and short story writer. To make it an extra special experience, why not visit the 19th-century Sweny’s Pharmacy in Lincoln Place that features in Joyce’s Ulysses? The pharmacy sells second-hand books and crafts and is also the setting for James Joyce reading sessions several times a week – including evenings.

6. Grab your camera

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Dublin is a really beautiful city and one well worth capturing with your camera. What better than to enjoy a walking tour with an enthusiastic local photographer? Dawn to Dusk photographers offers a particularly special evening tour where you visit some of the prettiest spots along the River Liffey.

7. Dine in style


With the fun name ‘The Pig’s Ear’ which means ‘to make a mess of a task’, this lovely restaurant is situated over three floors of an elegant Georgian house on Nassau Street so it offers great views of the university. The menu is ‘creative Irish’ with some fun twists to traditional dishes.

8. Get ready to dance

William Murphy, via Wikimedia Commons

Situated in a very distinctly painted yellow and green building is the Hairy Lemon. This is a really popular 19th-century pub where you can enjoy a Guinness and some traditional Irish dishes such as Irish Stew or Cottage Pie before getting down to the serious business of enjoying the music and trying to learn the steps to some Irish dances – great fun!

9. Relax on a river cruise

infomatique, via Wikimedia Commons

Seeing Dublin from the water can be very relaxing and this tour travels on a traditional canal barge along the 18th century Grand Canal that links Dublin with the Shannon. This is a really pretty stretch of water with some of the best scenery and there is a commentary onboard explaining the city’s rich heritage. A three-course meal is served during the trip.

10. Explore Dublin as a foodie

Photo by ctoverdrive on Trend hype

There is a variety of different walking food tours that can be enjoyed in Dublin. Accompanied by a guide, you will learn about the city’s different markets and specialist food shops and have the chance to taste the best-loved traditional dishes paired with Guinness, local whiskey and Irish cream liqueur.