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Top 10 Things To Do In Jacksonville, Florida At Night

When you think of a good time, think of Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is filled with tons of nightlife options for every individual. Grab a fancy cocktail by the sea or visit a local brewery for an out of this world brew. Stop by an outdoor mall for world-class shopping or visit an art market to purchase some culture from some local favorites. Test out your sea legs or simply stay indoors and laugh at some of the funniest comedians. The choice is your in Jacksonville, the only thing you need to decide on is, how will you have enough time? Without loosing our time, let’s go and explore the top 10 things to do in Jacksonville, Florida at night.

1. Riverside and Avondale

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Stop by Riverside and Avondale for a large dose of history. The area is home to many historic landmarks, providing you plenty to see and discover. But do not let all this history fool you, Riverside is a bohemian suburb with truly unique sites, stores, art galleries, and cafes. Then at night, those restaurants fill up, the drinks are poured and the nightclubs come alive.

2. Riverside Arts Market

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Visiting Jacksonville on a Saturday? Then check out one of the hottest spots in the city. The Riverside Arts Market is hosted every Saturday to give its guests a good dose of culture, incredible artwork, and so much more. Grab a late night snack from one of the many farmers market stands to sample fresh products, savory cheeses, artisan bread, or delicious spreads. The entertainment is like no other as well! You will find local bands, belly dancers, fire-eaters, barbershop quartets, and even jugglers! The whole family can get in on this action.

3. The Jax Ale Trail

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Love beer? Then this is the perfect tour for you. This beer tour brings you to two self-guided brewery tours, local breweries, restaurants, and bars, where you can find the finest liquid gold. Enjoy a tasting of the best brews on tap. Then try some local cuisine to munch on between stops. It is the perfect way to end a long day of sightseeing, more sightseeing but with a cold one.

4. Salt Life Food Shack

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The Salt Life Food Shack is what life in Jacksonville is all about. Just a few blocks away from the beach, the shack is an open-air cafe that caters to those salty sand lovers. And what goes well with salty sand? How about some fresh sushi, beer can chicken or delicately fried shrimp. Have a cool drink and show up in your bathing suit and sandals after spending the entire day ocean-side.

5. Now & Zen Sailing Charters

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Love the water? Of course! That is why you came to Jacksonville! So a trip would not be complete without a night cruise. Check out Now & Zen’s sunset or dinner cruises to end the evening. These relaxing sails will ease any tensions of the day. Perfect for occasions, sightseeing, or simply a nice cocktail. Their charters are decked out with a stylish inside decor and pristine outside deck for relaxing. A kitchen to whip up the best cuisines and private cabins for long trips are just what you need when sailing the seas out of Jacksonville.

6. St. Johns Town Center

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Want to end your evening with some high-end dining and a few stores? The St. Johns Town Center is the perfect place to pick up the latest handbag, a cocktail, and some out of this world dining options. The center has over 100 stores for you to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find something to love. Check out Louis Vuitton, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Apple, or Tiffany & Co. Then when your arms are tired from carrying all the bags, stop at a top quality restaurant like The Capital Grille, M Shack, or Seasons 52. If those are all a bit out of your price range, visit The Cheesecake Factor or Mixie Kitchen for some classic favorites.

7. The Elbow Downtown

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The name may catch you off guard, but this neighborhood of bars and venues is known as “The Elbow.” The elbow is the place where all locals come to get that real nightlife experience. At one place you may take on some local beers or sip on craft cocktails. The next venue may be all about the live music or DJ with the best beats. Some of the hottest venues include Dos Gatos, The Florida Theatre, Bold City Brewery, and Intuition Ale Works.

8. Dance and eat by the beach

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A visit to Jacksonville would not be complete without a stop at the beach. It is almost a tradition to wander down the Jacksonville coastline and stop by one of their many restaurants, bars, and music venues. Looking for something high end or fancy? Check out a martini lounge or Azurea Restaurant. Head to the Neptune and Atlantic beaches to find plenty of nightlife options. To have a truly unique experience try Poe’s Tavern. There you will find a gastropub with more beers to choose from than you can imagine.

9. King Street District

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The King Street District is a great spot if you are looking for a completely new bar or restaurant. This fast-growing area has tons of bars filled with beer and cocktail options. The food choices are not all that bad either. Stay up till 4:00 AM and discover Park Place, Dahlia’s Pour House, The Rogue, The Garage, or Carmine’s. All great options that will provide entertainment throughout your evening.

10. Laugh the Night Away

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There are plenty of places to catch music, a great beer, cocktail, or dinner, but what about those that just want to laugh? Jacksonville has got plenty for those that just want to laugh. Like The Comedy Zone, a 21+ venue that attracts some of the best performers. Order a drink and munch on some appetizers while laughing at Larry the Cable Guy, Sheryl Underwood, or John Heffron.
There is no doubt that Jacksonville has plenty to see and do for everybody. Whether you love the sea and sand or you are just looking for a good time, Jacksonville always has something new to discover.

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