January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Kansas City At Night

Rich with vibrant arts and music scenes, Kansas City offers something for everyone whenever the sun goes down in Missouri’s western edge based city.


And indeed, when the nights begin to heat up, Missouri’s largest city, Kansas, lives up to its western heritage offering an array of things to get your after dark excitement on the move to a pleasant and memorable fun-filled night. Initially built in the 19th century as a trading joint for settlers heading to the west, today Kansas is home to famous BBQ restaurants, world-class museums and other gigantic entertainment venues devoted to offering nothing but the best for its revelers.


Below are the top 10 things to do in Kansas City at night that you wouldn’t wanna miss. They offer a great deal for you to see, do and experience when your convention for the day is over and you are ready to have some fun.


1. Hang out at Kansas City Power & Light District

DanaWelsch, via Wikimedia Commons


This is a must-visit area if you are visiting Kansas City. Covering five hundred thousand square feet, Power and Light District is the pride of Kansas. It stands at the heart of the city with over 30 restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. From the best eateries around Missouri to the ultimate live music venues in town, to cleverly handcrafted cocktails, comedy shows and more at Power and Light District you will always find more than you desire.


In addition to fine dining and top-notch entertainment, sitting at the center of this District, beer lovers will fall in love with the welcoming LIVING ROOM; a seasoned beer garden for comfort and luxury. Kansas City Power & Light District is simply the home of Kansas City Nightlife!


2. Enjoy some Jazz in the Blue Room

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


It is an electric venue in Kansas! Sitting comfortably under the American Jazz Museum, Blue Room is an awesome gem for the Jazz lovers in Kansas City. It’s just magical! From wonderful servers to wonderful music, ambiance, fun & great jazz found at this amazing venue is just not to be missed. Its acoustics are in perfect condition making it a perfect place to go and enjoy your favorite jazz hits on Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. 


The fascinating memorabilia on walls and tables coupled with the great pricing of drinks here just create a super cozy atmosphere for couples on first dates, those celebrating anniversaries, and even you the solo visitor. A place where everyone will be comfortable!


3. Experience the Union Station Kansas

Wikimedia Commons


One of the outstanding attractions in Union Station is the Escape Room. It includes solving a series of puzzles in an attempt to escape from the room. Having been established in 1914, the station is one of the must-see places in Kansas City. Its architecture, from the stone pillars to enormous ceilings and ornate designs from top to bottom; the grandeur of everything will literally take your breath away.


And finally when you consider the great restaurants available here, a science museum, the amazing traveling exhibitions, a planetarium, and a world-class coffee shop, it’s just mind-blowing.  Really a must see in Kansas!


4. Drink the Nectar of Kansas City at Boulevard Brewing Company

Paul Sableman, via Wikimedia Commons


Boulevard Brewing Company is a renowned specialty brewer not only in Kansas but the whole of Midwest States. Integrating the best of the old brewing techniques with the trending ones in the industry, the company has over the years held a reputation of producing a wide range of the freshest and most flavorful beers in Midwest.


You will also be allowed to tour the facility, explore its history, its brewing processes and most interestingly the tasting room to sample some of the best of the Kansa’s City Company.


5. Kansas public library

Charvex, via Wikimedia Commons


Due to the Community Bookshelf, it’s almost impossible not to notice the famous Kansas City Public Library when moving around Kansas City. It has a rich history having originally been built as a bank – The First National Bank of Kansas City.


Even if not for research, you need to check out this historic building and adore its infrastructure as the evening fades off. It closes at 9 p.m.


6. Appreciate Art at the Nelson Atkins Museum on Thursday and Friday Nights

Wikimedia Commons


On Thursday and Friday night The Nelson Atkins Museum is the place to be in Kansas City for the art fanatics. It is one of the biggest museums you will ever visit.


Well known for its impressive architecture the museum houses a collection of fascinating paintings, photographs from Europe, Asian artwork, sculptures and Egyptian artifacts among many more.


7. Kelly’s Westport Inn

Charvex, via Wikimedia Commons


Located at the heart of Westport, Kelly’s Westport Inn is another must visit in Kansas City. Its building is one of the oldest buildings in Kansas City so apart from an energetic crowd, the weekday specials and live music weekends this distinguished Irish pub also shares a really colorful history.


A great bar with a great history in Kansas City!


8. Unicorn Theatre



The Unicorn Theatre is the home of cultural life in Kansas City. A perfect venue to catch up with some quality plays, fantastic talents, and top-notch entertainment!


Rest assured of quality theater experience at Unicorn. It is home of the best theatrical performances in Kansas!


9. Casinos

Photo on Foter.com


Kansas City has everything for everyone.


If late-night entertainment is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with one of the four casinos in this city. The Ameristar Hotel and Casino, Harrah’s, Isle of Capri Casino or the Argosy Casino will all have your hand if you want to get into some late night frenzy.


These venues also encompass hundreds of slot games, table games, and world-class dining facilities.


10. Up-Down KC



Up-Down KC is the place to grab a beer, have fun and enjoy some nostalgic arcade games as you slowly whisker the night away. The atmosphere is lit, rambunctious and obviously super fun.


A really unique spot in Kansas City!