January 21, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Kinshasa At Night

Kinshasa is the heart of Congolese nightlife. The popular African city is legendary when it comes to the best of Afro music including the likes of Ndombolo, Rumba and other forms of African-influenced dance music.


From rowdy/hot clubs to huge live music bars, Kinshasa hosts an array of trendy and upscale bars/restaurants which stock a pretty good local beer, Tembo, as well as imported brews.


And as you’d expect from the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa is the place to be for a night to remember in Central Africa especially if you are a fan of wild and crazy night outs. And on the other hand, when you want to calm your night with relaxing Congolese rhythms, Kinshasa still won’t disappoint.


So, for the best of the best African nightlife in DRC, here are the top 10 things to do in Kinshasa at night.


1. Experience Kinshasa’s trendier and more upscale Nightlife in the Gombe neighborhood

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


This is the core of downtown Kinshasa, where the expats are concentrated. Here, expect to pay more for cocktails and beers than anywhere else in Kinshasa. Accordingly, in this neighborhood; you’ll be welcomed by an upmarket crowd reveling in highly refined venues, and safety should be less of your worries. Although just as anywhere else in Kinshasa, always ensure to travel by car after dark.   


2. Enjoy Congolese jazz in the Matonge district

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


While it’s a fairly sketchy zone around night time, Matonge is a renowned sight worth visiting in Kinshasa at night. It’s the home of Kinshasa’s music scene.


Here, anticipate rambunctious, super loud bars, and an ocean of local people. As such, if you want to go wild with Congolese rhythms and intermingle with the natives, at Matonge you’ll certainly create great and memorable moments.


3. Visit the Congolese version of Las Vegas, Bon-Marché

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Situated at the meeting point of Ave Kabasele Tshamala and Ave de Kabambare, Bon-Marché is the undisputed destination for kinois (Kinshasa inhabitants). They come here to dance and attend disco nights that last till dawn.


Quite simply, Bon-Marché is the Congolese version of Las Vegas: always packed to the brim, glowing with neon and full of life.


4. Have an excellent dinner buffet at Léon Hôtel



This hotel is rated as one of the best in Kinshasa! Featuring free WiFi throughout the property, Léon Hôtel offers exemplary service in the city center of Kinshasa. You are welcome to enjoy an excellent dinner buffet at the restaurant.


For accommodation, their air-conditioned rooms include a flat-screen TV, a desk, a private bathroom, and a coffee machine for those on a two-person trip and would want to spend the night there. There is a 24-hour front desk service so security should be the least of your concerns.


Additionally, you can play billiards at this hotel, and car hire is also available.


5. Chill out at Kwilu Bar

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


This is a lively place with good music in Kinshasa. It’s a fantastic place with a good ambiance to hang out though after 11 pm it may turn out to be more intense.  You’ll also enjoy salsa night on Wednesdays and Karaoke nights every Thursday. 


What’s more? The joint entails African Kwilu Rum in different tastes, eclectic music, awesome cocktails, an electric attendance, and some really delicious snacks. 


6. What about a leisure stay at Grand Hotel De Kinshasa



The hotel is located in the heart of the business district of Kinshasa. After a hectic day, you can visit the facility and relax by the pool, take a stroll in the shopping gallery or unwind in the fitness room.


It’s the perfect place for leisure stays in Kinshasa.


7. Try your luck in gambling in Kinshasa

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There are several smaller sized gambling establishments throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as a couple of large ones. Some of the most renowned casinos in Kinshasa include the likes of Casino International, Casino Royale and so forth.


Kinshasa casinos offer over a thousand thrilling table-games and slot-machines with high jackpots. As such, there are many casinos worth a visit when you happen to visit Kinshasa.


8. See local artists perform at Centre Wallonie Bruxelles



Centre Wallonie Bruxelles is the quintessential venue for theatre, live music, and cultural events in Kinshasa. The place has a ton of things going on – from concerts to art exhibitions; Centre Wallonie Bruxelles is an excellent playhouse where tourists can watch local artists perform.


It’s relatively small, but the seating is comfortable and there’s a public library (French language materials) a block away.


9. Enjoy scrumptious desserts with cold beers and get entertained at COCO JAMBO Kinshasa

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Join the fun at Coco Jambo Kinshasa at night and enjoy live bands plus top DJ’s playing only the best music in Kinshasa.


You will also get exclusive tempting finger foods, scrumptious desserts with cold beers and a variety of exotic cocktail drinks to wash down your throat when thirsty.


10. Have a great night of dancing at Fiesta Club



With probably the best DJs and the coolest crowd in Kinshasa, this thrilling joint will appeal to anybody looking to have an extraordinary night of dancing. There’s a chill-out parlor, bar, and pool table not to mention the club’s bustling dance floor.