January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Krakow At Night

What will happen if you take an old Polish capital, fill it with clubs, pubs, and bars, mix it with roughly 120000 students and shake this cocktail with a solid number of young tourists on vacation and ex-pats? The explosive Krakow’s nightlife!


Krakow’s nightlife is quite intense. Be sure that you will be able to find every type of night entertainment here, whether it comes to a party with a DJ or a bar with live music. Locals say that Krakow might have the biggest density of clubs and bars in the world!


1. Alchemia



This is quite a unique place! Alchemia is a dark space with plenty of sitting areas. There is friendly staff and good music, too. In the very heart of Kazimierz, Alchemia is the best bar for having a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is full of charm and warm welcoming people. What’s more, this is an easy place to find if you want to have a break while touring around the Jewish Quarter.


2. Night Tram Party



Get ready for a unique event and visit a night tram party in Krakow! Explore the stunning Krakow’s nightlife by joining one of a kind night tram party in entire Europe! Just get on the tram board, grab your drink and meet wanderers from all around the globe! The tram party ride lasts for two hours and is followed by a pub crawl! With the party’s crew, you will go to the best pubs and clubs where your best party will be going on.


You need to buy a ticket in advance on the website! The number of tickets is limited. Feel free to bring your drinks if they are in the plastic bottles or boxes after juice, but be aware that neither glass nor can are allowed.


3. Eszeweria Bar

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Eszeweria Bar is kind of difficult to pronounce and to find. There are plenty of candlelit rooms and cool furniture. Eszeweria Bar creates real intimacy. It is great both for big and small-sized groups. They play plenty of techno that is normally for dancing. Additionally, it has lots of cool people and the bartenders are super nice.


4. Krakow Boat Party



Krakow boat party guarantees you a great time, friendly staff and incredibly well-organized party. If you add that to the price of either 110zl on Thursdays or 140zl on Saturdays, it turns out to be an unbeatable event. If you want to go for something even cheaper – you can just hop on Krakow Crawl organized by Krakow Boat Party. They meet every night, at 21:45 in the market square. The price is 50 zl.


5. Nowy Kraftowy



Nowy Kraftowy will guarantee an excellent beer experience. In this bar, you can have a wonderful imperial stout. All the beers are excellent and for quite a reasonable price. Nowy Kraftowy is situated in a very cool square with plenty of varied street food markets, different pubs, and an overall good atmosphere.


6. Cybermachina Game Pub



Cybermachina Game Pub is a pub with an interesting and original idea and design located right in the heart of the Old Town.
Cybermachina Game Pub is cool and has plenty of rooms. It’s also a great games room with Xbox, board games and PS games. It is just a cool place to enjoy drinks and play games. The pub is not difficult to locate. It is situated on Stolarska street. Come by and check this place out with your friends.


7. Buddha drink and garden bar

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Buddha drink and garden bar is a tiny cocktail bar located a bit far off the main square. It is tucked away in one of the small corners of the square. Whenever you feel like that you need to take a break from clubbing, feel free to pop into a cozy bar that can boast with dim illumination, quick service, and reasonable prices. The huge mojitos are easy to knock back and there are many other cocktails available. By the way, in Buddha drink and garden bar they have a happy hour between 14.00 and 19.00 so you can make the most of it. Don’t worry in case you are not a big fan of cocktails; beer is always available. So if you are looking for a cozy moment away from the old town, this place might suit you well.


8. Prozak 2.0



Prozak 2.0 club is a remake of a really old local club. Prozak 2.0 is an underground-style place that can boast with fantastic sound system and high quality of service. It is frequented by the best DJs from around the globe and their sets usually end when the day breaks. The club has around 600 square meters at its disposal along with three levels of the historic building.


9. Społem Deluxe



If you are looking for a Polish party, Społem Deluxe is just for you. It looks exotic thanks to an old-style, retro interior designed based on Polish Republic times. Multi-colored walls and lights, alongside with drinks and plenty of Polish disco music are the things you get to enjoy here! Visit Społem Deluxe if you want to undertake an incredible journey back in time.


10. Harris Piano Jazz Bar



This Jazz Piano Bar is a completely incredible cellar bar that is situated in the amazing Rynek (it stands for the Main Market Square). Harris Jazz Piano Bar has got a cool interior with interesting decor and furnishings such as decorative statues of outstanding jazz musicians. There are lots of seating options and a cool serving bar. If you are looking for a good place to unwind in, Harris Piano Jazz Bar is the right place to choose. What´s more, Harris Jazz Bar is not difficult to spot. It is located at Rynek, in the area of outstandingly beautiful architecture. It’s surrounded by cool local pubs, different bars, and restaurants.


Harris Jazz Piano Bar is a prominent cellar jazz bar, that is worth dropping into if you are around.