January 27, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Portland At Night

Since its very existence, Portland has over the years stood out as one of the most unique towns in entire America.  It boasts some of the world’s most famous gardens and landscapes that are just so much fun and interesting during the day.


But, have you engaged in Portland’s nightlife? If yes, you will definitely agree with me that a night spent in P-Town is never boring.  Whether it’s about enjoying a few drinks, hanging out with friends, relaxing or even doing some shopping – basically, ‘THAT thing’ which brings down your night in fashionable style, The Rose City will never let you down.  Portland has just so much to offer whenever the sun goes down.


Take advantage of the city’s nightlife by trying out these top 10 things to do in Portland at night. A small city for everyone!


1. Rolling at Rose City Rollers

Michael Schwern, via Wikimedia Commons


What a way to dawn down the night! If you thought that Roller Derbies are only found in movies, then you are in for a big surprise in Portland. Rose City Rollers has brought them to real life!


You can be part of the experience tonight and get a glimpse of the action as it goes down.  All you will need is a ticket to watch either the championships or the youth derbies. The tickets go for as low as $15. In addition to watching, Rose City Rollers also provides you with the option of being part of the action as an official, or even as a competitor in one of the skater programs. Be sure of a very engaging yet thrilling night.


2. Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade

InSapphoWeTrust, via Wikimedia Commons


Are you in the mood for some video gaming tonight?  If so, Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade is the place to be! Even if you’re on the low financially, you don’t have to be worried. The games here are both very entertaining and equally pocket-friendly. It is just one of those coolest places to be at in Portland. You can also conveniently grab a drink or two in between the games. 


In a few words, the arcade is simply just a great concept well-executed! Arrive on time/early to minimize fighting for your favorite arcade game to play!


3. McMenamins Kennedy School



This is another really cute place in Portland that stands as a perfect match for a night out with a group of friends or a lover. Their movies are always top-notch and are even made tastier by the comfy sofas usually on offer here.


McMenamins Kennedy School just lives up to its legacy. A place that will literally actualize your inner child dreams! The preserved interior details and historical memorabilia create an allure of wandering through a place that seems vaguely familiar yet foreign.


A day here is just magical and an absolute adventure! Simply Amazing!


4. Teardrop

Paul2520, via Wikimedia Commons


The best joint for the best exquisite cocktails in Portland! The outdoor seating is mesmerizing; it creates one of the most beautiful ambiances you can ever experience in town. The bartenders open as early as 4.00 p.m. and stay on to the wee morning hours just to ensure you get your specialty drink ready and on time. The cocktails are expertly choreographed by these highly skilled and professional bartenders to avail all types of drink concoctions to anyone and everyone at any time.


5. Box Social

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons


A really quaint place to have one of those splendid date nights!  If you are looking to spend your date night with some sweet conversations and libations, this is the spot for you. The cozy and warm atmosphere here sets the mood right and makes it the perfect place to put your best foot forward in entire Portland. There’s just no other better place!


6. Stripparoke



This one lives up to its name. It is exactly what it sounds like. If you find fun in strips clubs then this is it! Welcome to Stripparoke ‘The strip club capital of America’.  Strippers and singers are always at the service of the crowd performing all your favorites as requested. Be sure of a really entertaining time!


7. Khun Pic’s Bahn Thai



A unique place for some unique great time! That can only be Khun Pic’s Bahn Thai; it’s outrightly one of those most memorable restaurants in Portland. With the best of Thai food available in town, a comfortable ambiance and great décor, this humble restaurant will always have your night at its best. An epitome joint especially for some romantic one-on-one time!


8. Cruise through the Night at Portland Spirit River Cruises

Steve Morgan, via Wikimedia Commons


A nighttime river cruise will do no harm in Portland. Enjoy the sparkling lights of the city as you dance or dine the night away across the waterways cutting through the city with Portland Spirit River Cruise.


9. You Do that Voodoo

Aaronyoung777, via Wikimedia Commons


Voodoo Doughnut is a very famous spot in The Rose City. And with more than 50 types of doughnuts, you wouldn’t expect anything less. Feast on a doughnut dusted with bubble gum or a treat encrusted with Captain Crunch cereal, amongst many other strange yet delicious raised yeast creations in the two Voodoo Doughnut locations in Portland. Pocket-friendly and yes, DELICIOUS it is!


10. Get lost in Powell’s City of Books

Michael Barera, via Wikimedia Commons


This is a must-visit for all the bookstore enthusiasts.  As a matter of fact, this is seriously one of the best bookstores you will ever find in the country. So, if you find fun in reading then this serene environment would be a perfect suit. With books of different makes, genres, and totes, Powell’s City of Books is a great stop to get out of night cold. It closes at 11 p.m.