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Top 10 Things To Do In Sacramento At Night

Sacramento is the capital of California and a city that is rich in history, culture, and many other endless things to awe you!

The popular saying from Sacramento is that “California starts here” and in the wake of investing a smidgen of energy here, you will ultimately comprehend why. It is a city that has always remembered its past and boasts an impressive array of various amenities that will capture, intrigue your mind, and arouse your interest.

It is one of the simplest urban communities to go gaga for with many iconic features & various must-see points of interest.  In this column, you’ll locate a bunch of some of the most notable highlights of the city whenever the sun goes down. Whether you’re a foodie, theater buff, comic drama sweetheart, karaoke star, or a cocktail fanatic, Sacramento will always have something for you! Check out this list of the top 10 things to do in Sacramento at night.

1. Eat At The Kitchen

Whenever searching for someplace to go for a special event or simply to take yourself for an occasional treat then you should think about The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento. The eatery was established in 1991 by a couple who wanted to emphasize the idea of ‘Farm-To-Fork’ dining within the Sacramento region.

Everything in the eatery is sourced from local farmers & producers and has been delivering outstanding services for over 20 years! It’s nothing but a modest place to feast at, especially during that one exceptional event. It might be expensive but its services justify the value of each of your penny.

2. Be Amazed At The Dive Bar

Sometimes believing requires seeing.  And if you need to experience something new, totally uncommon, and pleasantly mesmerizing then you should stop off for a pint at The Dive Bar. Above the bar, you will observe a tank with 7,500 gallons of water, and in it are mermaids and mermen swimming around for your pleasure.

The bar is accessible for the easygoing consumer who simply needs to relax for some time as well as a group of revelers interested in private parties. It is really an extraordinary bar and an awesome place to see & experience a rare ordeal in Sacramento.

3. Prepare yourself for a truly unique pizza experience at Pizza Rock Sacramento

Pizza Rock offers an assortment of gourmet pizzas, from the classics to the outlandish; usually presented with hand-made cocktails and a broad beer and wine list within a full of life environment. Their emphasis is on authentic Italian ingredients and organic produce with all their crispy pasta, Sicilian and Calabrese sausages made on these premises.

You’ll also find a DJ corner with funky lighting fixtures to complement your night out. Quite simply, Pizza Rock is substantially more than just a mere pizza eatery! It’s more of a super satisfactory & extraordinary way to begin or end your night out in Sacramento.

4. Enjoy some Live entertainment at Fox & Goose

Fox and Goose has been giving remarkable beverages, offering some incredible brews, late-night nibbles, and a steady revolution of live entertainment for a long period of time in Sacramento.

This noble bar has comfortable wooden walls and a lot of enjoyable moments from the open mic night to the electrifying live music events.  Grab a couple of friends if possible and appreciate the authentic pub atmosphere experienced here as you enjoy some fish sticks, french fries, and bangers.

5. Crack your ribs at Sacramento Comedy Spot

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Ready to crack your ribs, drown the sorrows, and laugh till your belly hurts! Well, then it’s about time you considered visiting the Sacramento Comedy Spot. It is northern California‘s biggest comic drama school and features six-night shows per week, including improv, stand-up comedy, and sketch comedy. The spot also hosts Sacramento Improv Marathon in spring and the Sacramento Stand-Up Competition in summer.

With drama to suit all tastes, you’re in for a humorous night at the Sacramento Comedy Spot!

6. Rock the Yacht Cocktail Cruise

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Get on board the Rock the Yacht Cruise for some really great cocktail drinks, awesome music, and first-class views along the Sacramento River! This 1.5-hour voyage sheets at 8 pm, and takes you and your companions along the waterway to see & experience the city from another point of view.

You’ll come back to the L Street Dock in Old Town Sacramento at 10 pm, leaving you with abundant time for more celebration & extra partying.

An awesome way to begin your night through celebrations, partying, and making merry in style!

7. Get Caffeinated At Temple Coffee

If you know you will require some espresso to prop you up throughout the night then there’s not a more preferable place than Temple Coffee. They have around 3 locations in Sacramento and they’re all ideal destinations for some late-night caffeine buzz.

The atmosphere is tremendous with candy outside patio of community-form slab tables and twinkly lights.

8. Go Japanese at the Oishii Sushi & Karaoke Bar

Oishii Sushi refers to ‘delightful, scrumptious sushi’ in Japanese – and that’s precisely what you’ll find at this cool bar. Tuck into some stunning sushi, sip phenomenal & excellent cocktails, and get your best Taylor Swift impression readied for the karaoke!

A remarkable mix of Japanese nourishment and karaoke fun, Oishii Sushi is an extraordinary place to spend your night.

9. Nosh on some delicious and great burgers at Burgers And Brew

Huge, succulent, substantial meaty burgers made with Niman Ranch hamburger is what many burger enthusiasts fondly dream of. Well, Burgers and Brew is the place to head when only the best burger in town is what your belly yearns for.

Plus, at Burgers and Brew, you will be able to get drinks like banana bread beer and coconut porter.

10. Get Nostalgic At the West Wind Drive-In

There are relatively few spots you can catch a movie at an old school drive-in theater. However, West Wind Sacramento is one of those spots that can have you sorted if you’re a movie person. It’s ‘THE’ place to appreciate theater under the stars in Sacramento. You will find it to be a very comfortable place to watch a movie, particularly for just $7.50.


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