August 12, 2020


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Top 10 Things To Do In Seville At Night

Have you ever watched “The Barber of Seville” movie? It is full of comic situation, pretty streets, and adventures. Although the original Rossini´s opera is more than 200 years old and the movie is around 60 years, these things haven’t changed and there are plenty of places that you can explore at night!


1. Reggae session at Café Eureka


Seville is a multicultural place, bursting with varied musical traditions. Of course, everybody who comes to Southern Spain wants to listen to traditional music. To be honest, you´ll find traditional music almost in every bar. So, if you are up to be exposed to an authentic local culture that is not necessarily flamenco-related, why not listening to some reggae music? You can check out the upcoming events on their website. Normally, they organize the sessions on Thursdays. Come in advance, order your drink and enjoy the evening


2. Bar el Ánima


Bar el Ánima is a cozy and really tiny place situated close to the center. It looks like an old-fashioned tavern. They open for public at 21.30 and propose an interesting cultural program. Even if you don´t speak Spanish, it is not really a problem. The environment in Ánima is multicultural. On their stage, they host renowned Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and British artists. The style of music varies. It can be a Shakespeare’s sonnet’s night, bards or Celtic music.


3. Contact improvisation at Sala ZM


Have you ever heard of the Contact Improvisation Dance? Contact Improvisation is a movement in dance that emerged at the end of the last century, on the border of dance therapy and contemporary dance. Contact improvisation is a way to reconnect with yourself, environment and the others. Every Friday local group of initiative people gather in Sala ZM to have joyful times of reconnecting to their own bodies and emotions. The jam session starts at 20.00 and lasts for 2 hours. On some Fridays, the jam session is preceded by a Contact improvisation lesson. You can find the Contact improvisation page on Facebook and get informed on the upcoming events.


4. Free concert at Trompeta Verde


Trompeta Verde is a cultural space organized by some locals and expats. Green Trumpet is a self-management organ, that is open for any kind of cultural offers. With the effort of local people, they organize cultural events, lectures, workshops, cinema nights, radio, music, jam sessions, and concerts. Every month they have a music concert with participation of local musicians. If you want, you can also participate in the jam session that is organized once every month.


Before going there, you need to know that Trompeta Verde doesn´t look that appealing from the outside. Prior to your visit, get informed about the upcoming events on their official website, and once you are there, don’t hesitate to knock the door to enter the space where creativity vibes are floating. The concert is for free, but you can support musicians if you want to. 


5. Night roofing


Things that you do at night are always remembered as the ones that have a different emotional color. It’s always good to go for a walking tour to discover a new city, but it is even better to do it at night, especially if it is a roof walking tour. You can sign up for your night roofing by texting to ‘Notjustatourist’. It is a tourist event planner in Seville, that strives for making their tours memorable, outstanding and original.


6. Flamenco at La Carbonería

Leszek Kozlowski, via Wikimedia Commons


Flamenco is a must-experience if you visit Seville. If you want to feel flamenco vibes, pay a visit to La Carbonería around 10.30 PM. Every night they hold up to 3 flamenco music sessions. The special thing about La Carbonería is that the performers are just men and this place is always filled to the brims with people. If you want to drop by, check the shows’ schedule in advance, sometimes they change show hours.


7. Spooky walking tour

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Carbonería is located in the oldest district of Seville, the Jewish district. This part of the city is distinct by its narrow streets and spooky urban legends. There is a ghost walking tour organized by locals. You can join it if you want to spend the night listening to legends about antique convents, old monasteries and, of course, ghosts.


8. Retro disco at Sala X


There are plenty of places for nightlife in Seville but Sala X is a special retro disco place for nostalgic visitors. It is located in the old industrial pavilion, not far from the river. You will not skip it, there is a big X on the entrance’s neon billboard.


9. Jazz session at Bar Naima


There is jazz at Naima every day. Naima Jazz bar is located in the heart of Alameda, the place, where cultural events are happening at every corner. The jazz sessions are happening every Wednesday, in the evenings. There is no entrance fee, but you need to buy a drink to be able to be present at the show. The musicians are young ascending stars and prominent renowned talents. If you happen to pass by Naima jazz bar, you will not notice how the time flows. One session lasts for 3 hours, with short breaks for relaxation. Normally, the musicians hold 2 sessions for 45 minutes. If the audience gets motivated, the musicians can hold the third session. The last jam session is always the brightest. Don’t hesitate to stay at the end of the session!


10. Kayak night at Seville

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Did you know that Guadalquivir is the fifth-longest river in the Iberian Peninsula? Local outdoor lovers organize rafting in kayaks almost every week once the spring begins. Every other weekend there is a kayaking night organized by local rafting club for the city visitors. If you want to join the team, feel free to sign up for the event by texting to the local group manager. You can also find kayak night in an actual event on Couchsurfing place.