January 16, 2022


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Top 10 Things To Do In Tokyo At Night

Covering a massive piece of Japanese culture, it is difficult to experience Japan without having a taste of its most populous city nightlife. Within two to three days of arriving in Japan, you’ll easily recognize that its capital, Tokyo, is truly a night city. Many say that there are more unique and dazzling things to do in Tokyo by night than during the day. Just spend a couple of days in this city, and you’ll be surprised to see how everything comes to life as soon as dusk begins to set in.


Indeed, much like the Japanese nightlife in general, Tokyo nightlife is as vibrant and dynamic as everything else you are likely to encounter while touring Japan. As the lights become brighter, so do the streets become busier and the sounds more intense to create a fun and truly captivating nighttime atmosphere.


As such, regardless of whether it’s your first trip to this busy metropolis or you are just a frequent visitor, here are the top 10 things to do in Tokyo at night.


1. Explore Tokyo’s nightlife via the Tokyo Pub Crawl



Tokyo is a classic city: its bustling avenues, futuristic skyscrapers, and glitzy landscapes coupled with a myriad collection of unending adventure make it an unrivaled affair for voyagers.


And yes, Tokyo Pub Crawl (the largest nightlife tour in Japan) is one of Tokyo’s highest-ranked experiences and the way to invest your night in this exquisite megalopolis with free-flowing liquor, great dancing, and a 100% fun time expedition.


2. Eat at the themed Ninja Restaurant



There are several theme restaurants where you can get a one of a kind dining experience in Tokyo. But the Ninja restaurant is a unique destination with a genuinely well prepared, high-quality food menu that changes based on seasons.


The staff is super friendly in a stupendous atmosphere and the presentation of food is amazing with delicious desserts and awesome cocktails.


3. Enjoy individualized drinks at Bar High Five

Photo by Kent Wang on Foter.com


Possibly you are pondering on what drink to order tonight and you just can’t find a favorable suit? Well, no need to worry while in Tokyo. Head straight to Bar High Five and have your problem sorted satisfactorily.


With no predetermined menu, the bartenders here will inquire about your favorite liquors and expertly tailor for you an exceptional drink customized just as per your preferred tastes and inclinations.


The service in the bar is equally impeccable and bartenders are incredible conversationalists, making the bar a fun spot to meet and mingle with the natives.


4. Go on a classified spy mission at InSPYre



InSPYre is an innovative riddle room featuring a spy-themed escape game where you become a secret service agent to conquer the world. Your mission is to escape and at the same time obliterate the evil plan of the wicked BLACK-MAX organization.


This is a challenging and fun-filled peregrination with thematic adornments (the inside of the amusement room is finely decorated) that will make you feel as if you are part of a movie set.


Moreover, there are a variety of props, intelligence clues, and costumed warriors to keep you engaged.


5. Have a fantastic and unforgettable night cruising the harbors of Tokyo courtesy of Symphony Cruise

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Life can be tranquilizing at sea. Experience an exceptionally idyllic side of the Tokyo metropolitan from the decks of Symphony Tokyo Bay. The ship cruises through a heart-formed course across the bay allowing you to relish in the sparkling perspectives of the skyline broken only by the panorama of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree.


This is a dinner voyage so you’ll additionally revel in live music entertainment and a luxurious three-course meal. Encompassing a good number of luscious drinks plus a varying assortment of both Western and Japanese cuisines to choose from, this is a must-visit and an absolute standout amongst the top 10 things to do in Tokyo at night.


6. Party with Robots as you get ready for a colorful show at  Robot Restaurant

Photo by Nick Turner – A Blue Million Miles on Foter.com


Robot Restaurant is one of a kind entertainment experience where Japanese culture meets robots to bring out a new world of spectacular extravaganza in Tokyo.


The shows here are glorious and super fun! From uproarious music to crazy robots you can assuredly expect a night out like no other at Robot Restaurant. It never disappoints!


7. Enjoy the best arcade in Tokyo at Joypolis Sega

Photo by DocChewbacca on Foter.com


Joypolis Sega is a super arcade/amusement park with significantly more than just clawing recreations. Whether it’s virtual reality or 4D films that savor your night – this theme park has got you covered in every imaginable aspect.


It further entails racing games with actual race cars, an indoor rollercoaster, fortune-telling and so much more.


As such, if you’re looking to have some leisure away from the bar scene atmosphere in Tokyo at night, Joypolis Sega is undoubtedly the place to be!


8. Experience Live Music the British way at What the Dickens



Ranging from indie artists entertaining at the local pubs to renowned artists performing at various selling out arenas, Tokyo is a maestro when it comes to the live music paradigm.


What the Dickens is one legitimate exemplification of what the live music scene is like in Tokyo.  It is an authentic British pub that you can depend on for groovy live music entertainment every night in the Japanese Capital.


And it’s not only about first-rate live performances at What the Dickens; it additionally features a friendly British pub ambiance plastered with Dickensian manuscripts that’ll give you an inside scoop of Tokyo’s nightlife arena the English way.


9. Try Japanese Street Foods at the modern yet traditional Tsukishima Monja Street

Photo by nakashi on Foter.com


Tokyo is a city filled with incalculable delightful eats with its street food particularly tantalizing, especially along the Tsukishima Monja Street! It would be really unfortunate to visit Tokyo and leave without having a piece of its street food!


Tsukishima Monja Street features a lovely selection of delectable on-the-go dishes that are very pocket-friendly, yet high-quality and super delicious. You cannot afford to miss out!


10. Make a reconnaissance of the city from the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck



There’s no better place to explore Tokyo and take pleasure in incredible 360-degree panoramic views of the city than at the Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory.


Situated at a height of about 240 meters and incorporating a VR swing coaster, you can hardly miss a thing. From phenomenal views of Shinjuku’s skyscraper district to the imposing perspectives of the Tokyo Tower, you can be guaranteed to get pretty impressive views over the city of Tokyo.