January 29, 2022


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Top 10 Tourist Activities In Cusco – Peru

Cusco is known as one of the best places to visit when you come to Peru. There are plenty reasons why it is very famous: its culture, the tourist attractions, traditions,  the delicious food, etc. If you want to come to Peru and have an incredible experience, we are showing you the top 10 best tourist activities in Cusco – Peru.

1. Ollantaytambo

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If you come to Ollantaytambo, you must visit the Temple of the Sun and be attentive to the magnificent Inca ruins. Currently, Ollantaytambo is the one and only inca town that is still inhabited by local people. 

2. Pisac, an inca city surrounded by ravines

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One of the most important enclosures of the Inca Sacred Valley, Pisac has one of the most amazing and breathtaking views ever. You can do trekking here and take amazing pictures with beautiful views. It’s 25 minutes away from the Pisac town.

3. A place to go: San Pedro Central Market

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San Pedro Central Market is well known among the tourist and the people in Cusco. Here you can buy a lot of things and memories at a really good price. You will find chocolate, crafts, cheese, etc. If it is your first visit, go with friends so you can’t get lost.

4. Salkantay trekking

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Salkantay is one of the most beautiful and important snow mountains of Peru. It is absolutely stunning. Although the trekking is hard, it is worth every minute: the view is amazing. Of course, you should bring warm clothes, it’s very cold there. And also bring lip balm, so you can avoid breaking them or getting cold sores.

5. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

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This is one of the most striking tourist activities in Cusco. Walking the Inca Trail is an adventure that you can do alone or in a group. It is very tiresome but it’s totally worth all the walk.  You will feel part of the culture and you will be able to experience the true path that the Inca ancestors traveled.

6. Walk down the Loreto Alley

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Besides being a beautiful passage, the Alley of Loreto houses the famous stone of the twelve angles. A perfect symmetrical work of the Inca era. In addition, it should be noted that the stone of the 12 angles is a Cultural Heritage of Peru.

7. Try Cusco’s gastronomy

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The typical Cusco food is simply spectacular. From pachamanca to the guinea pig, these are dishes that you must try before leaving Cusco. The drinks also have a great variety. The chicha de jora is one of those you can try. Come and eat something different! 

8. Inca Trail: Visit the ruins of Choquequirao

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Choquequirao”]

One of the most amazing monuments that will take your breath away. In addition, it is known as the Sacred Sister of Machu Picchu, for its architectural

similarity. Choquequirao means “cradle of gold” and you can reach this citadel only by land. You also can do a lot of trekking in here!

9. Visit Sacsayhuaman

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The great fortress of Sacsayhuaman, the cradle of the Inca empire. It is a monument that leaves you breathless and goes back to the greatness of the Inca culture. It is ideal for trekking and taking different photos with your friends. Without a doubt, it is one of the tourist attractions that you must visit.

10. Have a walk around the Plaza de Armas

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Although the city is always beautiful, at night you have the best view of the streets in Cusco.  The streets are different from those of Lima, they are made of stone and the walls too. This makes you feel like in a real Inca era. Without a doubt, the city is evolving but maintains its essence.

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