January 17, 2021


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Top 10 Travel Bloggers to Follow This Summer

Photo credit: Brooke Saward / World of Wanderlust

It’s hot outside and we’re dreaming about flying away to new, undiscovered places. Do you need travel tips and tricks? Or are you in need of some city guides? Our new favorite travel bloggers will surely walk you through everything!

Have Baby Will Travel
If you have a baby and want to travel with the little one, you’ll love Corinne McDermott’s blog. Beside aww-ing at her and her guest bloggers latest family trip photos you can get great advice on hitting the road with an infant or a toddler and finding baby friendly places around the world. No more staying home!
Nomadic Matt
Matt Kepnes is the non plus ultra of long-term travelers. He’s been on the road since 2004 and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. On his website you can follow him from the US to China and through every other country on the way back. You can also get tips on how to travel on a budget. If you are an aspiring digital nomad this is a must read for you!
Pinoy Adventurista
Mervz from the Pinoy Adventurista is – as his blog title suggest – traveling around the Philippines, documenting us such amazing places like Sorsogon, La Union, Dingat Islands or Davao Oriental. But he isn’t only an expert on these destinations, but also give us great insight into the world of pinoy dishes from festival foods to gourmet restaurants. And if you’re lucky enough you might just catch a blog post or two on mountain climbing, too.
Midlife Roadtrip
They say opposites attract and why wouldn’t it be true in the life of travelers? Rick Griffin and Sandi McKenna are mostly polar opposites but there’s one thing in common for them: they both inspire us to make the most out of every moment and of course travel as much as we can – even when we are in our midlife! So, let’s put your objections aside and go on a trip, but before that just make sure you read the midlife road-tripers travel trips and tricks.
Camels and Chocolate
Kristin Luna could be the poster girl for every young travelers. She’s not only been to almost every corner of the world but also managed to make a living as successful journalist. At Camels and Chocolate she’s documenting her trips with colorful articles and you can always look her up if you’re in need for some girly advice on planning, writing or even on travel photography.
World of Wanderlust
There’s hardly a place on Earth that Brooke Saward and her team haven’t explored yet. The travel blogger has been traveling since the age of 13 and since the start of her blog (December 2012) she became a little travel mogul who doesn’t stop. On World of Wanderlust you can read her journey and she gladly show you all kinds of travel from budget to luxury and as a plus she even gives lifestyle and beauty advices!
Two Monkeys Travel Group
They must be the cutest traveling couple we know! Kach and Jon quit their jobs in April 2013 and ever since they are travelling the world together. Luckily, they share their adventures with us, so you can explore Asia, South America and a couple of countries in Europe with them. And if you are interested in becoming a digital nomad, well, you can get the starter motivation kit from them – and the rest is up to you!
Just One Way Ticket
Sab is a one time screen designer turned into a full time travel blogger from Germany. Her website is full of ideas on where to go and what to bring with you. You can find great reviews of hotels, travel gear and you can even get advice on what mobile apps should you use on the go. With features like these who needs a map anyway?
Sonia Travels
Sonia Gil is the number one girl you’ll need to look up if you want travel advices from a real YouTube expert. Travel tips, city guides and just about everything you need before your trip in less then 5 minutes? Yes! And did we mention that Sonia’s videos are super fun, too? Check them out yourself at her website!
Packing My Suitcase
Have you ever wondered how it would be falling in love in another country and moving there? Well, a brazilian woman, Allane Milliane sure knows the answer as she is married to a German man. But she doesn’t stop there! She loves to travel as much as we all do and she shares her stories and her advices in her delightful blog, Pacing My Suitcase. If you’d like to travel with your dog or you love Formula 1 then be sure to check Allane’s site!
Plus one
Your number one stop for attractions and expert blog posts! At Tripedia we do our best to help everyone discover the world even from their laptop screens! Whether it be a day trip to Budapest or advice on traveling with a toddler, look no further, you can find all the latest and greatest here!
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