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Buying a souvenir for you is the best way to preserve your precious memories and paying attention to your beloved ones. Ukraine souvenirs are ethnic, colorful and delicious. Choose the best set of keepsakes for you and your loved ones.


1. Ukrainian Flag & Coat of Arms


The Ukrainian patriotism has been developed lately, and these two primary symbols of the country became increasingly popular. The blue-and-yellow flag symbolizes fields of wheat and the above the sky, mountains, and streams of Ukraine.


The coat of arms so-called Trident consists the same color as the flag. It represents a golden trident depicted on the blue shield. The history of the coat of arms design goes back to the times of the Kievan Rus.


Ukrainians are proud of their symbols, and you can get them as the symbols of their democracy. This set would be great to give to a person who was following the recent news in Ukraine.


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2. Mace & Traditional Pants


Mace and traditional men’s pants remained the Ukrainian Cossacks who used to struggle for the Ukrainian liberation. They wore peculiar wide trousers called sharovary, which traditionally used to be red and blue. Also, they put on traditional hats called papakha. That’s how the Cossacks are depicted in most paintings.


Maces were more critical for the Cossacks, as they testified about the power. Every hetman (the head of the cossack’s districts) necessarily had his own mace and stored it safely.


These souvenirs are a must-buy when you go to the Khortitsa Island, which served as a cradle of the Cossacks’ State. They would be an excellent gift for brave guys.


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3. Ceramics & Cutlery


Did you know that Ukraine has its unique painting on ceramics and big spoons? The patterns highly depend on the regions. Petrykivsky Painting is the most popular traditional way to decorate tableware in the Eastern and Central Ukraine, while Western Ukraine has its own way of painting, as well as the Crimean Tatars.


If you are in Ukraine in August, you are lucky. Visit the Sorochinskiy Yarmarok, which is the most famous folk fair in Ukraine. You will find plenty of the adorable Ukraine souvenirs like ceramics, cutlery, and pottery to take back home to your family and relatives.


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4. Hand-Woven Woolen Blanket & Socks


Woolen production is especially famous for souvenirs in the Western Ukraine where you can meet large herds in the mountains. Most shepherds knit woven products and make blankets from the natural material. Be sure in the quality of the woolen clothes when you buy them in Ukraine.


Buy cute socks and amazing traditional blanket, which you can wear in winter. And a warm hand-woven blanket can warm you and your spouse during the cold and long winter evenings.


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5. Motanka Doll & Ukrainian Matryoshka


Motanka dolls and matryoshkas are the most popular examples of the Ukrainian traditional toys and Ukraine souvenirs. Motankas are handmade reeled or knotted dolls, which originate from the ancient times. Throughout the history, motanka dolls symbolized the women’s wisdom, and today they are bound to support peace and happiness in families. Let’s say; these toys serve as peculiar amulets for homes.


When it comes to matryoshka, they are traditionally Russian nested dolls. However, they are no less prevalent in Ukraine thanks to the Soviet Period. Although the USSR is collapsed, the fame of matryoshkas had already been spread to both countries. Nowadays you can find a lot of matryoshkas in traditional Ukrainian clothes among the other souvenirs.


Keep in mind motanka and matryoshka dolls when choosing a souvenir for small girls and wisdom women.


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6. Lviv Chocolate & Carpathian Tea


Lviv Chocolate Shop is a must-visit attraction when you are traveling around the Western part of Ukraine. Since the Medieval times the city of Lviv was known as the “delicious confectionery”, and this chocolate shop managed to preserve the initial taste of the chocolate.


Bear in mind – some types of the chocolate are extremely sweet so that you need to drink something. A cup of herbal tea from the Carpathian Mountains is the best option.


Combine the sweet taste of the chocolate with the freshness of the tea, and give this set for your sweetheart or bosom friend.


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7. Horilka & Salo


Ukrainian men would be happy to have this set every day. Horilka is a traditional Ukrainian name of vodka, which is often self-made and no less strong. It excellently comes with salo – so-called pork fat.


This set is definitely for the bravest people! By the way, Ukrainians love to eat their traditional soup called borshch biting with salo & garlic and drinking horilka at the same time. Take this set for men who would appreciate a bottle of alcohol from Ukraine.


8. Vyshyvanka Dress & Necklace


Vyshyvanka dress is a wonderful example of Ukrainian Embroidery. Nowadays vyshyvanka is mostly considered as the piece of art than clothing. Nevertheless, Ukrainians are proud of their traditional clothes, and they even celebrate the Vyshyvanka Day on the 17th of May.


In most cases, vyshyvanka is a shirt or blouse, which is nicely embroidered usually in blue or red colors and traditional motifs. There are vyshyvanka dresses for both men and women, so you buy for the people who like fancy clothing. Also, think to add an original Ukrainian necklace when choosing a vyshyvanka for a girl.


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9. Easter egg (Pysanka) & Poltava Whistler (Svystunetsj)


Ukrainians have a particular rite of painting eggs for Christmas. These eggs are called pysankas, and they became a real piece of art thanks to the sophisticated patterns.


Don’t hesitate to visit the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia if you are a fan of this art technique.


Svystunetsj is a Ukrainian name of an ecological whistler made out of clay. Kids love the whistlers, as they usually have the shape of animals or cartoon characters.


These souvenirs could be combined into a great traditional set for children or people who are crazy about the folk stuff.


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10. Fridge Magnet & Trinket


Most travelers can’t imagine their visit to a new country without bringing a magnet from there. Are you one of those? You will find a vast choice of magnets and trinkets in the Ukrainian souvenir shops and market. Buy one for your happy memories. This set is universal, so if you don’t know what to give, pick a funny magnet or trinket for your friends and acquaintances. They are small and cheap (from $0.5), so you can carry a lot with you!


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