September 23, 2020


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Top 10 Unusual Places in Mexico

Mexico is a vast and diverse country and it is no wonder that it is the home to many curious and unusual places. Check out this list of man-made as well as natural places that will blow your mind and probably have you booking a ticket to this breath-taking country in no time!

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A museum located under the Caribbean Ocean between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. The museum features different statues and also acts as a way to help the area’s ecosystem thrive.

Hirve el agua is a set of petrified waterfalls in Oaxaca, southern Mexico. There are two hot springs at the top of the waterfalls for you to swim and relax in. The only place in the world like this is located in Turkey.

A gorgeous and unique beach surrounded by pink, blue, green and even orange waters. It located in Quintana Roo in the Mexican Caribbean.

One of the scariest places to go diving in. The cave is infested by sharks! But don’t worry, they are motionless, yet still alive. A strange phenomena occurs inside this underwater place – whenever a shark comes inside, it falls “asleep”.

An island located on the Xochimilco canals in Mexico City. Among the other islands on the river, this one is the most unique and, it is quite scary! The island is full of dolls hanging on tree’s branches. The island is said to be haunted by the spirit of dead little girls.

The home to the world’s youngest volcano and Mexico’s Pompey. The town was buried beneath lava when Paricutin surfaced from the floor out of nowhere. The only thing remaining is the facade of the former town’s main church.

A hidden beach located below the ground in a protected island. The only way to get inside is swimming or kayaking through a tunnel from the Pacific Ocean.

Originally a thriving mining town – Real De Catorce turned into a ghost town after a war.

Located amid the vast Huasteca Potosina, Las Pozas is a place full of interesting and incredible statues and architecture.

Every year during winter, Monarch butterflies fly to these sanctuaries all the way from Canada to escape the freezing cold.

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