Top 10 Unusual Places to Stay in Switzerland

Longtime travelers know how it feels like when a person gets tired of staying in hotels. Although many hotels vary in style and design, they are not that different at all. If you are planning your trip to Switzerland and want to spice up your vacation, these places are some of the most unusual ones in Switzerland. Even though their concept is not the same as in normal hotels, you can be sure the service is great if not better.


1. Mongol Yurts


It seems so strange to see a Mongol yurt in Switzerland, and these are located at 2000 meters high. Just think of the view they provide! Each yurt has electricity and running water, and the only downside is that each yurt accommodates up to 8 people, so you sure will not have a lot of privacy. On the other side, it is a great way to get to know people from other countries staying in these yurts.


2. Felsenhotel La Claustra


Looking at this hotel, one might think that it’s just a small fortress in the Alps, but don’t judge a book by its covers. This is a former army fortress built directly into the Alps and runs 100 meters deep. All the rooms are air-conditioned and cozy, but the concrete walls and the lack of windows may be off-putting for some.


3. Whitepod


Staying here is a one of a kind experience. This hotel offers you to stay in spacious eco- pods, surrounded by beautiful pine forest. The service is amazing and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do here. A spectacular view over the Lake Geneva and warm and welcoming atmosphere are like made for a family getaway.


4. Hotel Hasenberg


Just 20 kilometers from Zurich, this hotel will offer you a genuine Japanese experience. Rooms are decorated with so much attention to details that you’ll get confused thinking you are in Japan. The restaurant’s cooks are true artists and deliver amazing Japanese dishes, and they have been trained in Japan for 10 years


5. Time and Dream Hotel Beatus


It is a romantic hotel in Beatus, where you can have an amazing time with your loved one. There are only seven rooms available and they all have a different theme (pick carefully as some of the rooms may not be to your liking). If you want to spend a honeymoon in Switzerland, this is the right place for you.


6. Waldmeier’s Fasshotel


Located in a small village of Trasadingen, Canton Schaffhausen, this hotel is great for an overnight stay, or you can just come and enjoy your meal and the view. Here you will have an opportunity to sleep in huge (15,000 L) wine barrels. One barrel has six beds and electric outlets, so you can charge your phones, but still be away from modern technology. The season starts in early May and ends in October.


7. Bergwerksilo


If you think that an ore silo cannot possibly be a good place to stay, this one will prove you wrong. This silo was reconstructed and redecorated and serves as a hotel now. The restaurant is on the first floor and the spiral staircase in the middle leads to four rooms you can choose from. Surrounded by a forest and a natural swimming pool, this is a place you can go to if you want to get away from the city lights and noise.


8. Null Stern Hotel


This hotel breaks the usual bed and breakfast concept. All you get here is a queen size bed, a couple of nightstands and a personal butler. Your bed is located in the middle of alps, there are no walls or roofs, so you will be surrounded by nature while lying in a comfortable bed. It’s a lot like camping but with a touch of luxury, as your butler will deliver news and meals every day. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a bit longer to get an opportunity to sleep here, because the season is over, and there is a long waiting list for 2018.


9. Mountain Hotel Obersteinberg


Also known as Candlelight Hotel, this hotel is going to show you how it feels like to completely leave the 21st century behind. Here you will not have electricity or running water. Source of light will come from the candles, oil lamp and stars instead. Traditional food and peaceful atmosphere will make all the stress of modern age disappear.


10. Les Nids Treehouses


If you want to get in touch with your inner child, come to Le Locle and stay at one of the four treehouses. These treehouses are different from your childhood ones. They all have electricity, running water and a wood stove. They are built 8 meters above the ground and have large glass windows providing a spectacular view.


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