Top 5 lakes of Slovenia

The lovely country of Slovenia has many beautiful natural landscapes: alpine mountains, hilly vineyards, virgin forests and wonderful lakes. Here’s our list of the most impressive and worth visiting lakes in Slovenia:


1. Lake Bled


One of the iconic landmarks of Slovenia is the beautiful fairy tale-like scenery of Lake Bled. The Church of Assumption stands on an island within Lake Bled and the Bled Castle overlooks the lake from a hill above.


2. Lake Bohinj


The sight of the glacial Lake Bohinj within the wonderful Valley of Bohinj of the Julian Alps is beautiful. The legendary Goldenhorn overlooks the lake. Lake Bohinj is the ideal destination for water sports, hiking and even a short boat cruise.


3. Lake Cerknica


Known as the disappearing lake, Lake Cerknica is surrounded by many channels. For that reason, the volume of water in the lake varies excessively: during heavy rain, the water erupts from the surrounding channels and floods the lake while during the dry season, the opposite happens and the lake becomes normal land.


4. Valley of Triglav Lakes


Within the alpine valley between Bohinj and Trenta is the beautiful Valley of Triglav Lakes, also known as the Seven Lakes Valley. Lovely hiking trails lead to those seven fantastic lakes, all surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.


5. Lake Velenje


Due to the mining activity in the region, the lovely Lake Velenje was created, along with two other lakes. Lake Velenje is the deepest lake of Slovenia with its 54 meters depth. Many outdoor and water activities can be done around Lake Velenje.


Enjoy your trip to Slovenia and be sure to visit those beautiful Slovenian lakes! Safe travel!

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