January 22, 2022


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Top 5 Lakes To Visit In Serbia

Serbia has many beautiful cities, places of historic value and amazing gems of nature. Here’s our list of most incredible and unique lakes in Serbia.

1. Palic Lake

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Palic lake is located 8 km from Subotica, next to the town Palic. It is the biggest natural lake in Serbia and it is a part of the protected nature park Palic. It has three separate beaches surrounded by trees and greenery. This lake is popular among families looking for a relaxing vacation by the water. Also, every year the number of festivals and activities around the lake are increasing. There are biking trails, rich selection of fish for fishing enthusiasts and schools of sailing and windsurfing, making the Palic lake a perfect choice for an active outdoor vacation.

2. Semetes Lake

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In the base of mountain Kopaonik, about 5 km from the center of Raska, there is an unusual lake Semetes that is considered to be a natural phenomenon.  From Raska, there is a marked trail uphill to the lake and you can also go there by car from both Raska and Kopaonik. The Lake is 80 m long, it’s depth is not known and its green water is always trembling. The feature that makes this lake a wonder of nature is its floating islands. These islands are moved by wind and visitors can ride on them from one part of the lake to another.

3. Ludosko Jezero

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Ludosko lake is the second biggest lake in Serbia. It is 4 km long, 200- 300 m wide and is located 7 km east of Palic.  What makes this lake unique are the rare and endangered animal species that found their home here. Because of this, the lake and its surroundings are protected as a special nature reserve. The territory is divided into three sections. The first one is only open for scientific research, in the second one sports fishing is allowed and the third one is for tourists. This area is also significant for its archaeological locality with the excavations from the age of Paleolithic, Neolithic and Copper.

4. Vlasina Lake

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Vlasina lake originates from the cumulative effects of the water from the river Vlasina. It is in the region of southeast Serbia and it is surrounded by mountains on the altitude of 1204 m. The Lake is 9 km long with an average depth of 10 m. It is the biggest artificial lake in Serbian and on the highest altitude. It has a few bays that are good for water sports and placing boats. After the lake was made, parts of the soil and peat from the bottom of the lake formed floating islands that are still left on the surface of the lake.

5. Srebrno Jezero

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Silver Lake is one of the most popular retreats in Serbia, 120 km from Belgrade. It is a 14 km long artificial cumulative lake that was made by partitioning the Dunav by a dam. On its way to the lake, water is naturally filtered and that is why it is perfectly clear with a silver reflection.  It is popular among fisherman and swimmers but there are plenty of other activities around the lake as well. Aqua park, touristic boat rides, and water skiing are just a few interesting things to do when visiting the Silver Lake.