January 16, 2022


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Top 5 Mountain Retreats In Serbia

Serbia has many beautiful scenic places that are great for a weekend getaway or a ski trip in the mountains. Just a few hours away from the city’s rush, they provide a much-needed escape. Here are our top 5 picks for mountain retreats in Serbia.

1. Kopaonik

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Kopaonik is the largest mountain massif of Serbia and one of the most popular tourist destinations located 288 km from Belgrade. The touristic center is at an altitude of 1780 m and the highest mountain top Pancicev vrh is at an altitude of 2017 m. It is a true nature park oasis with a beautiful landscape of untouched forest, wild berries and flowers. It is the most popular ski center in Serbia with 55 km of Alpine paths and a great place for other sports as well, such as snowboarding and paragliding. In the summer, there is a range of hiking trails perfect for exploring local villages, lakes and natural springs, suitable for both beginners and experienced mountain hikers. Kopaonik is also close to some of the most valuable monasteries in Serbia (Studenica, Sopocani, Djujdjevi stupovi and Gradac) that are a great opportunity for a short one day trip.

2. Tara

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Mountain Tara is located in the west Serbia, with river Drina hugging its north-west peaks. The average altitude is 1200 m and the highest peak is Kozji rid at the altitude of 1591 m. Nature park of Tara is a place of unique beauty with species of trees that only exists on Tara-Panciceva omorika and river Drina with two artificial lakes Zaovine and Perucac. It ensures a memorable visit filled with activities or just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Because of the light climb, Tara has excellent terrain for biking, walking, horse riding and many other sports. Location of Tara makes it a tourist hot spot, with Visegrad, Mokra Gora, and Sarganska Osmica just a couple of hours away.

3. Stara Planina

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Stara Planina mountain is the largest mountain in Eastern Serbia and it is a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. The mountain is also called Balkan and it is located 330 km from Belgrade and 80 km from Nis. Its peaks are at an altitude ranging from 1100 to 1900 m, the highest being Babin Zub. Five months out of the year, Stara Planina mountain is under snow and that is why it is a go to destination for skiing. With paths for snowboarding, it is an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. In warmer months, you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of one of the most amazing mountains in Serbia.

4. Zlatibor

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Zlatibor is a smaller mountain in the Western Serbia, 230 km from Belgrade. Its highest point is Tornik at the altitude of 1496 m. Zlatibor is well known not just because of its peaks and ski season but for its healing properties as one of the best spas in Serbia, as well. It is a center of many activities, with frequent open air concerts and festivals, and it is close to some of the biggest nature treasures (Veliki Buk waterfall, Stopic cave, Mokra Gora). Zlatibor has mild winters and fresh springs and that is why it is a perfect choice for families with kids.

5. Golija

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Golija is a mountain in the southwest Serbia, 40 km from Ivanjica and 214 km from Belgrade. The highest peak is Jankov Kamen with the altitude of 1833 m. The territory is covered with oak and beech forest and divided by rivers running on its grounds. It is a home of many animal and plant species, making it one of the most significant nature resorts. Mountain Golija possesses many treasures and brings something new with every step. Two lakes, Nebeska Suza and Kosaninovo Jezero, are hidden away, waiting to be found by hikers. Golija is especially popular in the winter months with an abundant amount of snow.