Top 5 Must-See Places in Serbia

1.  Belgrade – The “White City” with Long Historical Tradition and Fabulous Nightlife

The Serbian capital, Belgrade, is by far the most visited place in Serbia, with more foreign tourists than all the other spots in Serbia combined.


The accommodation and facilities for the organization of major events and conferences, the rich cultural and historical heritage, the nightlife, various events such as festivals (e.g. Beer Fest in August), concerts, and sporting events are definitely reasons that largely persuade the tourists to opt to come to the Serbian capital. The international airport “Nikola Tesla” and frequent direct flights from vast number of countries also contribute to it. Considering the centuries-long influence of different cultures, Serbian cuisine combines the best of Turkish and Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Baked beans, sarma, moussaka, stuffed peppers, goulash, stew, various soups, shish kebabs, burgers, gibanica (similar to cheese pie), proja (like cheese muffins) … these are some of the favorite dishes of people in Serbia.


2. Novi Sad – Multiculturalism as a Way of Life

The central square and the old city streets of the ancient town make up the heart of Novi Sad, where pulsating life can take you back to the past. It was all formed starting from the 18th century, that is, after Novi Sad became a free royal city.

Especially attractive is the street of Laza Telecki, the place for having a good time, full of life and positive energy. You certainly do not want to miss this area of entertainment that will make you remember Novi Sad.


Petrovaradin Fortress, a symbol of power, Gibraltar on the Danube which no one has ever successfully conquered, keeps proudly watching over the city for almost three centuries. It is one of the best achievements of European baroque military architecture, still well preserved in its entirety. Nowadays, it is worldwide known for its spectacular EXIT festival, traditionally held in early July each year.


3. Zlatibor Mountain – Golden Pine Tree Mountain

Zlatibor (meaning: Zlati=golden, bor=pine tree) is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Serbia, characterized by a cool mountain climate and clean air, which makes it famous as a climatic health resort. Situated in the western part of Serbia, as a part of the Dinaric Alps, with an elevation of just over 1,000 meters it has three highest peaks: Tornik (1.496m), Brijach (1.480m) and Chigota (1.422m) crisscrossed by clean rivers and streams, with a wide range of fish species. In the very centre of the Zlatibor tourist village, artificial lake surrounded by pleasant paths and benches offers many opportunities for walking and leisure activities, or skate on the frozen surface of the lake during winter. Famous for its domestic cuisine and hospitality of people, Zlatibor has become a renowned tourist hotspot all year round that simply can’t be missed.


4. Niš – the Hometown of Constantine the Great

The largest city in southern-east Serbia and important historical place offers numerous localities with immense cultural value that at the same time testify of the eternal struggle of local people for freedom such as the Memorial parks Čegar and Bubanj, The Skull Tower (Serbian – Ćele Kula) which is a unique monument in the whole of Europe, and the archeological site Mediana from the late Roman period. The city itself is a perfect base for exploring southern part of Serbia, especially the Balkan Mountain (Serbian – Stara planina), famous for its fairy tale landscapes, such as the canyon of river Jerma, or the ski resort, which is intensively developing in recent years. There are many legends about the mountain and one of them inflames the imagination in particular – the tale of a hidden treasure based on the fact that there was active mint back in the Roman times.


Besides historical attractions, Niš hosts one of the largest jazz festivals in this part of Europe, Nisville Jazz Festival, in mid august each year, gathering popular international jazz and world music performers.


5. Vratna River Canyon, Real Gem of Unspoiled Nature

Addicted to adrenaline rush? Hiking lovers? Easily attracted by natural phenomena in intact nature? In this case, you must visit this astonishing canyon characterized by its inaccessibility and stunning beauty, presenting a real challenge for all explorers and visitors looking for special and amazing locations. All agree that the canyon is particularly interesting during the spring and summer seasons when the magnificent and untouched nature is born again. The grace of this particular feature of the Negotin area’s phenomenon emphasizes the Vratna monastery at the exit of the gorge. In the gorge of the River Vratna there are three natural stone bridges, two in the vicinity of the monastery and the third, distant, deep in the gorge. They can be reached by marked hiking trail that previously passed through the monastery, though nowadays bypasses the monastery estate, ending up at the first bridge Mala prerast.

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