January 21, 2022


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Top 5 SouthEast Asia Travel Experience

Southeast Asia houses some of the most amazing exotic culture and spectacular landscapes. There is no difficult to find a life time experience whether it is a leisure trip or an intrepid adventure.
Here are some travel inspirations that can define your ultimate holiday:
Balloon Ride in Bagan
With over 2,500 pagodas and temples poke out of a sacred plains, Bagan is a big draw for all travelers to Myanmar. Whether you love traveling back to the past or not, this ancient site has something to offer you from rich history to fascinating traditional workshops.
The most highlighted experience of Bagan is probably the Balloon trip which allows you capturing the incredible sunrise view. It is simply an astonishing scene when the fog unmasks temples ‘spires and the wind bring you over the mighty Irrawaddy River.
Make it happen: hot air balloon companies open their services from Oct to Nov. You should book the ride with a Myanmar Tour Operator in advance.
Whitewater Rafting in Nepal
While many visitors head to Nepal for trekking, enjoying the river waves differs your trip impressively. Follow the rapids and stay at the riverbank camps is something you should not miss if you want to uncover Nepal`s nature in a distinguished way.
The famous rivers for rafting in Nepal include Trisuli near Kathmandu, Kali Gandaki near Pokhara and Karnali – a beautiful place for tough rapids.
Make it happen: the best time to do whitewater rafting is Oct to Nov. Since the period is short, plan well at least 3 months prior to your travel.
Cruise Keralan backwaters, India
Keralan, known as “ lands of coconuts” is a picturesque land that is hard to resist. Expanding over 900km, the area`s backwaters boasts unique ecosystems through a verdant network of lake, canals and inlet.
Navigating Keralan on a kettuvallam houseboat features an excellent way to appreciate its surroundings.
This river voyage is best not only for honeymoon couple but also all travelers who are eager to see India differently.
Make it happen: we strongly recommend you to book an overnight cruise between Kollam and Alappuzh
Dive in Con Dao Archipelago, Vietnam
Tucked away from the mainland of the country, Con Dao is probably the only places that you do not see many tourists in Vietnam. You can do many things in Con Dao : spotting sea turtle, visit the colonial prison, escaping for a private beach and importantly, mingling into the pristine water and watching the marine life like no other.
If you image about a place that you can observe fish and under water movement without other tourist, this is a place to be !
Make it happen: there is only one flight per day from Ho Chi Minh city to Con Dao island. The best time to visit is from late Sep to early May.
Motorcycling in Golden Triangle, Thailand
The fame of Golden Triangle comes from its opium trade but this stunning area linking Laos, Thailand and Myanmar has more than that. As you travel from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang, you will encounter the timeless charm including World Unesco Heritage sites and national parks.
From 2015, Myanmar government allows caravan safaris to cross their land thus taking a tour from Mandalay to Tachilek becomes easier.
Make it happen: you should rent a bike in Thailand and prepare well the visa for Myanmar as well Laos before entering these countries.