January 29, 2022


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Top 6 Castles In Ireland

Ireland is known to be one of the most scenic and breathtaking of all countries. The kind of lush greenery, open grasslands, castles, the flora and fauna and the scenic extravaganza which you will see is definitely going to take your breath away.
If you are up for some exciting sceneries and would like to make the most of your trip to Ireland, here we are going to focus on some of the best castles in Ireland. This is the country which has become famous for the endless castles with their towering beauty and the timeless appeal. So, let us see the Castles in Ireland you should definitely make a visit to before ending the trip on a high note.

1. The Blarney Castle

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Located in southern Ireland, this castle is visited by numerous tourists all round the year. As per the mythological stories, if you kiss the Blarney stone here, you will get the gift of the gab. Further, you can even get to the top of the main tower of the castle and undoubtedly the view which you can steal from there is going to be unmatched.
The gardens surrounding the castles are spread over an area spanning 60 acres and it is a sight to behold. We would recommend spending some time walking through the garden and even taking a 360-degree view of the tower which was built as much as 600 years ago. Surely, it is a spectacle to behold and you will cherish it for the rest of your life.

2. The Ross Castle

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This castle dates back to the latter half of the 15th century and is built on the shores of Lough Leanne. It is located within the Killarney National Park in the Kerry County and it enjoys a majestic mention in the books of history.
The castle is believed to be the last notable one for being a stronghold in Ireland which was used to hold out the massive Olive Cromwell’s conquest. This majestic castle in Ireland is open for public tours. You can also find a lot of guided tours here which are a great option for those who like to know more about these monuments that clearly are an inspiration for those who love the historical past of a nation.

3. The Bunratty Castle

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This castle dates back to the 15th century and is considered to be one of the pioneer tourist attractions of Ireland. It is located in the county Clare and is frequently visited by too many tourists.
This castle was constructed by the MacNamara family and the construction was done back in 1425 and even today, it stands tall and mighty. It is now run by the Shannon heritage and is fully open to the public. It is believed that back in the old days, it used to be the settlement of the Vikings.

4. The Ashford Castle

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Located in County Galway, this is also considered by many as the fairytale castle. It is almost 800 years old and at one point of time, it belonged to the Guinness family and it was therefore well-maintained.
It was then converted to a 5-star luxury hotel and travelers can stay here and enjoy the best of the times. It is also one of the most popular wedding venues in Ireland as their gold-laced interior and the amazingly beautified lawn is a venue which looks every bit out of the fairytale we all grew up reading.
So, be prepared to visit here because it is so much more than just another castle.

5. The Trim Castle

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This was constructed by Anglo-Norman nobleman Hugh de Lacy along with his son Walter. It is the largest Norman castle in the whole of Ireland and it then became the administrative center of the local government.
Recently, the castle was used for filming purpose as a part of the shooting of Braveheart was done here. There is a petty entrance fee to be aped for the public who want to enter the castle. Surely, the glory of the castle and the grandiose of the place make it worth a visit.
Also, do not forget to click a lot of pictures as they are sure to look absolutely amazing. One can capture the retaking beauty of Ireland at the castle. Check out the long towers, the imposing structure, and the endless greenery and of course the views to die for.

6. The Doe Castle

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Looks perfectly like a postcard; this beautiful castle in Ireland is renowned for its majestic architecture. The castle has water on 3 sides and it gives you the kind of feel as if it is floating in the water. If you want to steal the perfect view of this castle, we recommend doing it from a distance as there is an ideal spot on the Carrigart Creeslough road. This road is located almost 10 miles away from the village of Dunfanaghy.
Do not expect a lot of modern amenities here. Ideally, the interiors of the castle aren’t even open for public access; however, the locals staying here make it a point to open the gates of the castle every day. So, if you would like to steal a look inside, you can surely do so. Be careful not to get lost because there are no guides available here. However, if you are someone who loves to get bewitched by the breathtaking beauty of Ireland’s best castes, this is the one you definitely should not miss out on.
These are some of the top castles in Ireland which you should definitely pay a visit. As the country has too many castles it is hard to give you a sizeable list. However, these gorgeous Irish castles are the ones we felt to be the pick of the lot.
So, when you are you planning a visit?