Top 6 Souvenirs To Buy In Reno, Nevada

When people think about Nevada there is normally only one thing on their mind. That’s Las Vegas. What many people do not realize is the fact that there is a ton of natural beauty to be seen in addition to the bright lights of Vegas. From green, lush countryside to dessert areas packed full of cacti and the incredible flowers covering miles of land. It really is quite the site for sore eyes. Reno, Nevada is another well-known city in Nevada with a whole lot to offer to the tourists coming through. Check out our list of some of the more intriguing souvenirs to look for should you visit Reno.


1. Various Live Specimens from the Area

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It is rare to walk into a cozy home and not find a houseplant or two. I know in my case, I am constantly stocking my home with plants for comfort and a nice, fresh appearance. They brighten your day during those winter months and promote a love and connection with the nature that surrounds us. That is why this is such a special and unique souvenir option.


In numerous different souvenir locations, you will find various succulents, jades, and cacti plants that will grace your table or countertops beautifully. Additionally, they will always hold a special place in your heart because they were gained during your travels. If you consider yourself to be a bit of an oddball or you consider your interests to be more specific—there are even taxidermy specimens available!


2. Local Goods that Support Renos’ Economy

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Although it is a larger city, there are plenty of smaller mom and pop boutiques that are family run. These quaint little shops such as mother-daughter run Larkellen are full of down-home charm and unique treats and gifts that are sure to delight any traveler. Stocked with New to Reno merchandise, you can feel good about these purchases for a multitude of reasons.


The goods found in these cute little shops are most importantly manufactured in the USA. Furthermore, many of the objects available in this area are recycled, fair-trade, and 100% organic—something that is incredibly appreciated by the community. These stores offer the feeling of a whole new lifestyle!


3. Natural Healing Remedies

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With different trends arising within every new generation, there are also new surges in the sale of a variety of natural healing objects. From Himalayan salt lamps to various crystal gems and pieces of natural jewelry, you will be amazed at the benefit many of these things can provide you in your everyday life.


There are options like legitimate Moldavite bath salts and food grade Diatomaceous available in 4 oz bags. The Diatomaceous alone is quite a lucky find considering it contains the leftover healing remains from actual ancient civilizations! You can also find Moldavite jewelry if that is more your need.


4. Reno Envy Souvenirs

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The fun thing about Reno and the souvenirs they sell is that they are kitschy and unique—but definitely not in a bad way. Of course, they have your run of the mill shot glasses and home décor that you will find in basically any city, however, it has a bit of a retro vibe. With symbols of retro campers and the like – if you are a fan of 1940’s to 1950’s –many of the shops in Reno have you covered.


Reno Envy is a popular brand out west which is why it is so easy to find. Although the climate in Nevada is quite warm, we do not all reside year-round in such pleasant weather conditions. However, you can bring one of Reno Envy’s hoodies home with you to warm you during the chillier months.  It is a great way to celebrate your home and your travels simultaneously!


5. Gourmet Italian Food and Other Goods

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Although you would not expect it, there are multiple stores in the Reno area that supply both locals and travelers with high-quality, Italian goods. With some stores owned by Authentic Italian immigrants, you know you are getting the best. These stores may truly be the best souvenir sources on this list.


Whether you are a wine or Italian coffee fan, this place truly has something for everyone. With hard to find Italian specialties such as the coveted Caffe GM brand of coffee, this is not only an excellent place to find souvenirs but gifts as well. Be sure to stop by these shops and grab something tasty.


6. Home Décor

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With collections of fine home décor in almost any category you can imagine—the home décor in this region is out of the world. Perhaps a better way to phrase it would be to say that there are gifts from all around the globe. One of the best characteristics surrounding the souvenirs in this area is that they are 100% artfully crafted. Which means, they are designed in a unique and artistic manner that allows them to stand out from everyday décor for the home.


Whether you have a passion for different worldly religions or you follow them to the ‘t’, there are many Buddhist, Hindu, and other religious pieces in this area. It’s never bad to add a little culture to your home! If this does not interest you, there are plenty of kitchen and living room options to add a bit of detail from your trip to your home.


Reno often gets overlooked by those visiting Nevada. Many of us travel that way strictly to visit Las Vegas. However, Reno is a colorful city with plenty to offer to its tourists/visitors. From restaurants and unique desert features to flowers and landscapes like you have never seen before—this area is truly stunning. If you happen to find yourself traveling here, be sure to stop into some of the souvenir shops and check these items out for yourself. I guarantee you will not be sorry for all Reno has to offer.

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