Top 7 Souvenirs To Buy In Venice

We all know how Venice is known to be one of the most romantic cities of all time. From the kind of lovely ambiance it has to the lush greenery, the friendly people, endless attractions to behold, there is so much for everyone to see here. This is why Venice is often at the top of the list for anyone who wants to visit a beautiful little European paradise.


If you have a trip planned to Venice, we will be talking about some of the best souvenirs from Venice which you can definitely take home. There is no doubt that buying souvenirs helps you enjoy a great deal because it is in a way the ability to take a little of the place back with you. The memory which a souvenir brings is quite unmatched.


1. The Best Venetian Masks

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The Venetian masks are known to be one of the most popular of all souvenirs you could bring home. The Venice carnival is renewed all over the world for the vibrancy, cultural show and what not. The tradition related to the Venetian masks dates back to the 13th century and it is believed that the aim of the mask was to bring every citizen down to the same level.


If you are looking for some of the best masks, we recommend heading to Ortega dei Mascareri by Rialto Bridge and Ca’Macana in Dorsoduro. The masks have disappeared and reappeared quite a lot of times but despite their struggle, they remain a top Venetian souvenir.


2. The Murano Jewelry

Photo by Marco Polo Designs - Fine Glass Jewelry on

Photo by Marco Polo Designs – Fine Glass Jewelry on


If you are someone who loves that extra bling, there is no better thing as compared to the Murano jewelry. You can find endless variety in them ranging from bracelets to earrings and rings and what not. The best thing is that if you are looking for cheap things to buy in Venice, this is definitely one of the top picks you could think of.


Everyone who is a little crammed for budget and wants cheap souvenirs in Venice end up buying these in bulk because some of them come for as less as 3 Euros. So, definitely the right steal deal!


3. Gondolier

Pciture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Pciture Credits: Wikimedia Commons


If you are someone who loves to buy unique souvenirs from Venice, we would recommend this little beauty. A trip to Venice is incomplete without having ridden a gondola. So, by taking this miniature gondolier back home, you will definitely be able to get yourself lost in the lanes of remembrance and there is no way you would not wish to plan a trip again.


So, explore the options at hand and choose what seems to be the best pick for you. Once again, you will find variety in these miniatures and it is upon you to spot the very best and also make sure you bargain right for it too.


4. Gifts Made Special

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Picture Credits:


Now when we talk of souvenirs, the first thing which comes to everyone’s mind is gifts. However, Venice being Venice has something very different to offer you as a means of souvenir. Do not be taken aback if we ask you to take the gift wrapping paper as a souvenir. Sounds awkward! Well, it is not as you will find wrapping paper with Saint Mark’s square on it and this is by far one of the popular gifts you could ask for. Yes, it will be very affordable as you can always team it with something else but the quality and the memories associated with the wrapping paper will definitely make it special for you.


5. Murano Glass

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Picture Credits:


When you are looking for the best Venice, Italy gifts, another thing that deserves a mention has to be Murano glass. It is best found in abundance in the island of Murano as there are a lot of specialty glass warehouses and shops. However, you can find them in plenty of other places in Venice too.


These are mostly affordable but what truly makes them special is that they come in so many different vibrant colors. You will be amazed at the massive variety and you might crave to buy too many of them. In the island of Murano, you are likely to find the real glass but elsewhere you may be duped. So, be cautious while buying.


6. The Bellini Bottle

Photo by mararie on

Photo by mararie on


When in Italy, there is no way you could have missed out on drinking the Bellini. They are hailed as the best cocktails and are indeed a mixture of Prosecco which is the Italian sparkling in and peach puree.


If you are not a teetotaler and you have friends who have a thing for exotic cocktails, you should definitely take a bottle of Bellini home. In fact, they come in large non-breakable bottles too. So, depending on how much quantity you would like to take home, you can choose small or large bottles and then sip it up and raise a toast to the memories you made in this beautiful little country in Europe.


7. Artistic Stationery Item

Photo by normanack on

Photo by normanack on


If you have little kids back home, you could win their hearts by taking home some of the best stationery items. Venice is known to be the hub of artisanship and this is why you will be amazed at the kind of beautiful, funky, quirky and amazing stationery you will get to find here. Keep an eye out for the best handmade journal here and they come at varying prices.


So, choose your budget and then make a quick buy.


These are definitely the best of Venetian souvenirs which you could pick. As the items listed come in varying budget, it would be easier for you to pick your option depending on the money you want to plunge.


Have a great trip!

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