Top 8 Souvenirs from Slovenia

After your wonderful trip to Slovenia, besides the awesome pictures that you’ve taken and the delicious aftertaste of traditional dishes that you’ve eaten, what are the best souvenirs and gifts to bring back from Slovenia? Here’s our top list:


1. Painted Beehives Panels

Beehives Panel


Beekeeping is one of the oldest traditional crafts in Slovenia. The painting of the beehives is a folk art dating from the mid-18th century and is unique to Slovenia. A beautifully painted beehive is surely a wonderful souvenir to bring back from Slovenia.


2. Piranske Soline Salt Flower


Piranske Soline


The Piranske Soline Salt Flower (click here to buy) is an excellent fleur de sel produced in the Salt Pans of Piran, on the Slovenian coast. This delicate salt flower is the result of 700 years of tradition and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves good tasty food.


3. Idrija Lace


Idrija Lace


The delicate and skillful art of lacemaking has been practiced in Idrija since the 16th century. The beautiful Idrija Lace is a traditional, beautiful and meaningful gift from Slovenia, made with a needle, bobbin, and thread.


4. Rogaška Crystal


Rogarska Crystal


One of the most elegant and luxurious gifts from Slovenia is indeed any glassware from Steklarna Rogaška. A simple piece of Rogaška Crystal represents more than 350 years old of glass-making tradition – it is indeed a beautiful souvenir from Slovenia.


5. Schnapps




Schnapps, also known as spirits, have important roles in the Slovenian cultures – it is believed to be the best remedy for any common ailments such as cold, stomachache or a headache. The most popular Slovenian Schnapps flavors are the borovnica (blueberry), medica (honey) and viljamovka (pear).


6. Slovenian Wines


Slovenian Wine


Slovenia is home to the Oldest Vine in the World. and has three main wine-growing regions in Slovenia: Podravje, Posavje, and Primoska. The region of Podravje is famous for its Laški Rizling and Renski Rizling. The best wines of Posavje are the Ruby Cviček, Modra Frankinja, and Metliška Črnina. While Teran and Rebula are typical wines from Primorska. Any bottles of those wines make a wonderful gift.


7. Slovenian Honey


Slovenian Honey


As mentioned before, beekeeping is a very old tradition in Slovenia. The Slovenian honey is a high-quality product and is now a protected trademark. For anyone who likes to have healthy sweet treats, a jar of Slovenian honey is the way to go.


8. Pisanice Easter Eggs




A delicate and original folk art from Slovenia is the Pisanice, a beautifully decorated Easter eggs from Bela Krajina. The Pisanice is a very elegant and meticulous gift, therefore, it needs to be packed with care.


Other typical Slovenian souvenirs include the delicious Prešeren Figs, the lucky Wishing bell from Bled, an ornamental Dražgoše honey bread, the beautiful wooden folk crafts and much more.

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