January 27, 2022


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Top Ski Resorts In Slovakia

If skiing is your thing, Slovakia will surely give you a lot of reasons to be happy. As there are endless tourists who come to this country from all over the world, there is an abundance of ski resorts in this mountain nation.
If you are pro at skiing and love this adventure sports, you would know precisely how important it is to stay at the best ski resorts. Keeping all your gears safely and waking up to the best kind of view is definitely an exhilarating experience in itself. So, you need to make it a point to know the best ski resort in Slovakia where you can enjoy a memorable stay and have an excellent shot at skiing too.

1. The Jasna Nizke Tatry

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One of the premier ski resort in Low Tatras, this is the largest in the whole of Slovakia. There are as much as 49 kilometers of trails that have been marked for skiing. Not only this, the resort is equipped with the best of facilities as one can find 28 different cable cars which ensure that you can access any nearby mountain range.
Not only this, those who love alpine skiing can enjoy their time here too. Even if you do not have all the skiing gears, you have absolutely nothing to worry as you can find a lot of snowboarding and skiing shops close-by.

2. Strbske Pleso

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This is located in the High Tatras and it is mainly renowned for the kind of promising and mind-blowing views which it offers. The skiing track stretches from 9 kilometers and you will find the slopes marked with the different difficulty levels which they offer. The area also has the provision of night skiing and even sledding. So, you will surely be greeted by too many options.
One of the key highlights of this resort has to be the vast cross skiing trails which you can see and enjoy. No doubt, the resort runs full packed during the winter season because too many skiers want to come here and behold the breathtaking beauty of snow clad slopes and immerse themselves in the pleasure of skiing.
If you are the kind who is always on the lookout for the best luxuries, you should check out the Wellness Hotel Borovica, which is a four-star chalet. It comes with a bar along with a pool table, a fireplace lounge and Jacuzzi along with a spa. It also has three saunas and gym and it will give your body the right energy drive before you spend it twisting and turning on the ski slopes.

3. Tatranska Lomnica

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This resort too is located on the High Tatras and it is popular because it gives you access to the steepest ski slopes and even the ones with the highest altitude in the whole of Slovakia. Head to the upper side of the trails only if you are an experienced skier.
This trail is quite popular owing to the variety it has to offer. The lower trails do not have steep slopes and you can find even little children meandering through the trails. Despite being a child suitable trail, you still get some of the most amazing views which are surely promising enough.
It is equipped with the latest modern facilities. You can find cable cars which traverse 597 meters vertically in a matter of just seven minutes. The gondola that runs here has been designed to transport as many as 2,400 people every hour.
Not just this resort, you can find too many accommodations nearby spanning a wide variety of budget. Almost all of these will let you have easy access to the skiing slopes.

4. Park Snow Donovaly

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If you have children along who are enthusiast skiers too, this is the resort to choose. We say so because Donovaly has the second largest skiing facility which is dedicated solely to kids. There are ski training sessions too which can be found here and is usually offered in multiple languages.
Apart from this, you get to enjoy as much as 18.4 kilometers of cross-country ski trails too which is hidden in the hills that cover the resort. Do not forget to head to Donovalsky Pivovar as you can find craft beer being brewed right there and surely you can enjoy a sip or two of your drink.

5. Malino Brdo

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This resort can be found in the Liptov region. There are marked slopes stretching for as much as 12 kilometers. It also has the longest ski slope in Slovakia which is actually 3,900 meters long and it also has a vertical distance of a whopping 672 meters.
In order to cater to the skiers and to bring in more tourists and adventure seekers, artificial snow is used during the whole winter season. So, regardless of the weather conditions, you will definitely find apt conditions for skiing here. When staying here, under no account should you miss out on Vlkolinec which is a 150-year-old village that has managed to get itself on the UNESCO’s world heritage list.
So, these are the best ski resorts where you can stay to ensure that you can enjoy your time skiing on the snow-clad slopes of Slovakia.