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Top Sledding Places In Stockholm

One of the top winter activities which you can do when in Stockholm is sledding. There are a lot of tourists who queue up every year to enjoy their time to the fullest. It is one such activity which is definitely going to help you have the right kind of fun and it is a great way to kick-start your vacation as well.
So, if you have a trip planned to Stockholm and you are looking for the best ways by which you can enjoy these winter sports, here are the top places you need to head to.

1. Hagaparken

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Hagaparken”]
This huge park is located merely ten minutes away from Odenplan. Here, the slopes are gentle and you can even take your kids along as well. At the same time, you will also find steep slopes too which is apt for adrenaline junkies to have a great time.
As there are ample options available, you will find that despite the huge rush of tourists, the place will let you have your own space.

2. Vasaparken

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Known to be a true wonderland in the winters, this place has an outdoor ice skating rink. The best part is that you do not need to spend any extra bucks because it is free for use. This too is located close to Odenplan. This place is known for a lot of fun activities that are carried out here. You can find local kids getting involved in the making of invisible jumps and at the same time, you can find some steep slopes too to help you have unlimited fun.

3. Humlegarden

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This place is located right in the middle of the city. You will find it nestled at the edge of Ostermalm. If you have kids along with you, they are really going to enjoy them to the hilt. There is an amazing playground for the kids and the slopes for sledding are gentle too. So, if your little ones would like to sled, the slopes can be a good start for them.
The place offers an excellent scenic view and you will definitely be amazed at how you can squeeze in through the endless row of trees.

4. Kronobergsparken

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Known to be a hidden gem, this sledding area is located in the middle of Kungsholmen and it is mainly a fast hill which offers you a chance to go super fast sledding. It is blocked at the end to ensure that you do not end up on the road. For kids, there is a playground nearby and you will also find the area dotted with cafes which means that it often turns out to be a great picnic spot.

5. Gardet

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gardet”]
Brace up for extremely cold winters. This is the place which is often too windy but it is apt for all those experts who want to slide and sled and have a memorable action packed trip.  The hills feel like they go on and on forever. You should be an expert when sledding here as you are likely to catch up a great deal of speed and it will definitely give you the thrill which you need for such adventures.

6. Observatorielunden

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Observatorielunden”]
Located quite close to Odenplan, this is another area which is apt for sledding. You have a special gentle little kid slope and at the same time, there is a steep hill as well where you need to truly be an expert to slide and sled. So, the park has something for all kinds of sledding. Are you raring to go?

7. Lida

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Lida actually mans slope and so this place definitely has a lot of scope for sledding. This nature reserve is located in Botyrka and it is splendid, to say the least. Apart from a massive hill with too many slopes for smooth skiing and sledding, you can find tons of other things which includes walking paths, biking tracks, cross-country skiing options, little cafes and a whole lot more.
If you are the fitness freak kind, you can also take a look at the gym and sauna as well.

8. Hellasgarden

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Located to the south of the city, this is a natural reserve where a lot of people come in simply to bask in the glory of nature. You can participate in a lot of different activities and this includes swimming, skiing and tons of other options too.
The slopes of the hill are quite gentle and so you don’t have to risk a bit too much when sledding here. So, you are likely to run into novices and kids who sled here. After you have engaged in the right kind of fun, you can chill at one of the best restaurants that are found in this area.

9. Tantolunden

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Tantolunden”]
It has always been one of the best places for tourists in Stockholm and the popularity of the place has been on the rise. This area is located at the western edge of Sodermalm and you will mostly find people of all age groups here. The place offers a scenic view and there is a lot to do as far as sledding and winter sports are concerned.
These are some of the best areas where you can enjoy the pleasures of sledding and surely have a great time. Of course, when it comes to winter activities, there is so much more that you can do here. However, when in Sweden, you should never miss out on the pleasures of sledding.
Which of these areas are you going to head? We recommended to ski and sled together for double the fun.

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