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Top Things To Do In Palm Springs At Night

Over the past years, Palm Springs had a reputation of a toned down nightlife. However, in recent days Palm Springs has become a popular destination for enjoying nightlife sceneries that are full of fun.
Whether you are looking forward to a world-class concert experience or a family friendly event to make your kids enjoy the city life after dark; Palm Springs offers plenty of nightlife happy hours on any night of the week.
Here are the top things to do in Palm Springs at night:

1. McCallum Theatre

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This is the ultimate destination for all. McCallum Theatre is a jungle of all trades entertainment hub with something for everyone. Bluegrass Bands, Jazz concerts, ‘Woodstock for the kids’, musical theatres, just name it and you will find it at the facility.
The sound systems and acoustics will efficiently handle anything, whether an orchestra, an opera or a rock band to ensure your night runs smoothly. As such, you will audibly have an exclusive experience of everything that is happening even if positioned at the top of the balcony.
Seating rows slope upwards from the stage towards the rear ensuring no viewer is blocked from seeing what’s happening up front.

2. The Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs

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This is a venue for live entertainment.  It has a diversified and flexible space to host live entertainment shows including live music and even sometimes wrestling matches. Most often, you will find the center being utilized as a concert venue for acts like Shakira and Alice Cooper or the Beach Boys.
All seats are on the main floor with the main stage featuring two large LCD screens to ensure an ultra-High dimension view is had by all.

3. Camelot Theatres

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Make it a movie night. At Camelot Theatres, rest assured of a thrilling night full of the latest blockbusters that will smoother down all the ups and downs of a hectic day.
Additionally, the theatre is conveniently located within the best downtown restaurants and hotels so you will be well-covered meal-wise. The theatre is a 3-screen movie house and entertainment hub specializing in all-genre films, first-run art films, foreign films, and even the independent ones.

4. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

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Visit the world’s biggest rotating tram car – The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – and enjoy a 10-minute journey along the cliffs of Chino Canyon and the pristine wilderness of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. As the tram rotates slowly, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the scenery below the valley.
The last tram takes off at 8.00pm although, with advance reservation, overnight camping is available.
Ensure to make a visit here and enjoy an exhilarating ride to the top of Palm Springs. Do not forget to have a meal at the Peaks Restaurant and a snack at Pines Café once at the top. Moreover, it’s of paramount importance to bring with you a jacket since it can get really cold at the top of the valley.

5. Palm Springs VillageFest

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Is it a Thursday evening and you feel like strolling through the beautiful downtown Palm Springs? Join thousands of both locals and non-locals for the city’s finest event/ walk. It is definitely an interesting open-air fair that will leave you yearning for more.
Be sure to sample small bites here and there, checking out the most talented craftsmen display their skills whilst still chowing down some delicious eats from the food vendors along the way.
The fair closes at 10.00 p.m. However, you will have had mad fun from the diverse array of artists, entertainers, artisans, purveyors of fresh fruits and flowers, veggies, snacks, sweets, and jewelry all showcasing what they know best.

6. Neil’s Lounge

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This is for all the karaoke night fans in the building. Neil’s Lounge is full of tourists and local celebrities who dive into the Lounge for a few stiff drinks and certainly a few minutes of fame on the karaoke stage.
On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue is full to capacity and so the earlier the better. Karaoke begins at 8.00 p.m. Don’t be late! If you are not in the mood for music, you can as well play Pool in the back room.

7. Date Shed

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This is one of the top local venues you will find in Palm Springs and the United States as a whole as far as Live Music is concerned. It has already graced some of the most talented artists in modern days like Madonna and Kanye West, thanks to the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival. It is more of a music venue with a bar, and not the vice versa.
Feel free to enjoy your night either from the plush white lounge sofa or on the stage front action from the open floor.

8. The Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs

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Where can I get my favorite rock tunes to drown the boring evening? Probably you have been wondering. Well, it can’t be anywhere else rather than The Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs Casino. It will have you covered on the weekends with the best rock concerts by top-quality tribute bands from as far as California and beyond.
The shows run from as early as 7.30 p.m. up to 0000hrs. Rock Yard is not only an entertaining joint but also a very budget-friendly ground to have fun and make merry till midnight.

9. Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

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If you have been looking for that golden opportunity to take your family for some night-time fun, I want to reassure you that you cannot go wrong with Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.
The treats offered here will include a nighttime guided tour, up-close encounters with animals and an amazing campfire under the quiet sky, all of which your family will have something to thank you for.

10. The Bar

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It would be very unfair to end this list without mentioning The Bar. It is one of the most famous joints in downtown Palm Spring to pass out your night. Opened in 2013, The Bar combines the best-handcrafted cocktails and live music lineups including electronica and acoustic acts all for a flawless night.
The menus are pocket-friendly to ensure you welcome a new day in style and comfort.

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