January 16, 2022


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Top Things To Do In San Juan At Night

There are a number of exciting things to do in San Juan. From cultural attractions to historical sites, San Juan has never fallen short of offering some really interesting and amazing experiences/activities to its visitors. Any time, day or night the magic of San Juan is expressed in its ability to offer some spectacular activity for you to immerse yourself in. The Puerto Rican capital seamlessly weaves together the historic and modern aspects of Puerto Rico to create a gateway to a plethora of various adventurous things you will ever enjoy on an island.
So, how are you going to spend your night in San Juan? Away from the popular cruise ship day trip in the Caribbean port city, there is just more than enough around this diverse and sprawling metropolis that you will love to explore after sunset within this culture-rich gem of Puerto Rico.
Here are the top things to do in San Juan at night; some with numerous attraction to see, activities to participate in and history to learn about. Rest assured they will keep you in the adventure mood in the gorgeous and unique San Juan city once the sun goes down.

1. Embrace the glowing nature of San Juan nightlife through the serene Laguna Grande

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Laguna Grande”]
Undoubtedly, nightlife is one of the most important aspects whenever exploring any city. Laguna Grande is one such aspect that will enable you to embrace, explore and enjoy the natural nightlife of San Juan and its environs. There are two major ways to experience Laguna Grande, the Bioluminescent Kayak Adventure from San Juan & the Bioluminescent Bay Glass Bottom Kayak Tour from San Juan.
These two tours are a major mind-blowing and adventurous treat you wouldn’t want to miss in San Juan.  From sunset to the appearance of the starry night sky, these Laguna Grande trips are an absolute once in a lifetime experience you would want to be a part of.

2. Embrace local cuisine at Verde Mesa

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Verde Mesa”]
Verde Mesa is one of the most popular restaurants known for offering fresh innovative and authentic meals that won’t bleed out your pockets in San Juan. Its nouveau atmosphere includes a varied palette for all tastes, theatre, and art to ensure a memorable, fun-filled and satisfying night.
Enjoy a creative mix of seafood, fish, and vegetables at this exquisite restaurant and you will love it. It may be a little spot in the hillside of San Juan, but Verde Mesa is different, eclectic with a great experience. Their dishes are adorned with beautiful flowers making it a perfect destination for a date night. Trust me, this little gem in San Juan will just make your night! A must visit for a spectacular date night out & fine -dining!

3. Make it a salsa night at Latin Roots

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Latin Roots”]
If you are interested in Salsa dancing, Latin Roots is the home of salsa music and dance floor in San Juan. From Tuesday through Sunday, Latin Roots stage will have you enjoy all your favorite salsa tunes while sipping into your drink. On Sundays the venue will switch to the delighting boleros, to bring your week into a halt in style.

4. Enjoy the San Juan Bay from La Rumba Party Boat

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”La Rumba Cruise”]
La Rumba is a unique boat cruise that comes with the opportunity for its passengers to listen to music, dance and drink through the cruise as they enjoy the views of San Juan Bay from the water. For instance, you will have a great view of El Viejo San Juan.
A really amazing place to have fun and dance the night away!

5. Experience oceanfront dining at Oceano

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Oceano”]
Oceano, resting on a stunning beachfront jutting towards the ocean is a stylish and multi-faceted three-story lounge offering an array of international cuisines infused with local herbs and flavors amongst other terrific foods within its gorgeous setting.
Enjoy the astounding calamari appetizer and other fantastic foods as you enjoy the tropical breeze under the moonlight. A beautiful place with a beautiful bar and beautifully presented meals! Their service is also phenomenal and flawless.

6. Dance and enjoy some bottle service at Funky Buddha

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Funky Buddha”]
If you are looking for a chance to party and dance the night away, Funky Buddha is the place with the best festive environment in San Juan to dance and enjoy bottle service the whole night. The place is lit and the music is bomb!

7. Immerse yourself in the San Juan culture and get acquainted with the locals at Plaza del Mercado

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Plaza del Mercado”]
This is a must-do if you are looking to experience the local nightlife of San Juan. It is more of a market that consists of blocks of shops and vendors selling fresh produce and meats. There are also some bars and dance hopping points around the plaza where you can walk in and have some fun.
In addition to these, you can always grab a bite of the local food in the food courts where food is prepared on site. Plaza Del Mercado is just fabulous!

8. Drink like a local at one of San Juan’s oldest bars, El Batey

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”El Batey”]
El Batey bar standing opposite the grand El Convento hotel is indisputably one of the oldest bars to ever grace the fields of San Juan.  It’s an extremely casual bar where anyone can be comfortable. It equally encompasses solid liquor selection and fun crowd.
Great bartenders & great drinks! It’s all about good vibes, good people, good drinks and good times. Quite simply, the perfect definition of Home away from home!

9. Club Brava

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Club Brava”]
Club Brava is a nightlife hotspot in San Juan that enjoys a dual persona of both a club and lounge. It’s a high-end and one of Puerto Rico’s most famous clubs.  You will find posh patrons dancing to house and Latin music at the central dance floor.

10. La Factoria

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”La Factoria”]
La Factoria is another pretty cool place to end or start a night out in San Juan. It offers awesome craft cocktails, great food, and music.
Whether you want to dance, rave or have a cocktail La Factoria will quench your thirst.