January 16, 2022


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Top Things To Do In Switzerland At Night

There are a lot of people who believe that Switzerland is the place where you come close to realizing what heaven on earth feels like. The sheer beauty of this mountain country and the serene surroundings with the peaceful ambiance tugs at the heart of every traveler. Of course, apart from being a place which calls out to nature lovers; Switzerland is sure, by all means, a very developed nation with a lot of nightlife and exciting thing to indulge in. The people in Switzerland make it a point to party during the weekend and anyone living here will testify as to how amazing the standard of living here truly is.


So, if you are planning to visit this European wonderland, we are here to let you know the top things to do in Switzerland at night. This way you will be able to have the most of your trip and along with the day time tours, you can also chill at night as well.


So, let us explore!


1. The Opera and Ballet Performances, Zurich 

Picture Credits: opernhaus.ch


If dance forms are something which has always managed to entice you, there is no way you want to miss out on the world-class opera and ballet performances which is bound to blow your mind away. Head to Opernhaus; Zurich as it is known to be the best place to steal some of the most majestic shows. It is believed that even those who do not really have a thing for dance and art end up being mesmerized.


2. The Jazz Festival, Lavaux

Picture Credits: cullyjazz.ch


Of course, you can only enjoy this if your travel dates coincide with the festival time. The festival is usually held in the month of April and it is a nine-day long event which hosts as many as 120 concerts and it remains one of the most hyped events in the whole of Switzerland. Tourists in large number queue up for this fabulous event and if you happen to be here during this time, this is definitely how you should be spending your nights.


3. Mad Club, Lausanne



Lausanne is home to some of the best clubs and pubs which will truly allow you to have one of the best times at night. The crowd and the craziness level is really amazing here. Some of the top DJs including the likes of David Guetta are a regular at the Mad Club at Lausanne. So, if you are a clubbing and dancing kind of person, this is the place you need to be at so as to have the kind of night that will make you dreamy.


4. The Grand Casino, Bern



If you love gambling, this could be one of the very best casinos you can head to. Switzerland has a lot of casinos and you can find some in almost all cities. However, this one at Bern stays open till 5 am in the morning during the weekend and it has endless options for you to pick from. There are also two bars, restaurants, and a smoking lounge as well.


So, you are surely in for a great time if you head to this casino at Bern. However, be careful because you do not want to lose too much money before you finish your trip to Switzerland. 


5. The Musical Parties, St Moritz

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


If you are really looking to experience a luxury style party, head to this city. Located in the Kulm hotel which is a luxury five-star hotel in one of the upscale towns of Switzerland, you are sure to be bewitched by Dracula which is known to be one of the best parties in the whole of Switzerland. This is the ultimate jazz festival which will leave you rocking and rolling and still asking for more.


6. The Grand Theatre, Geneva

Photo by mattk1979 on Foter.com


If you are an opera kind of person and would like to spend the night raising a toast to some of the best recitals, plays, and choreographers exhibiting their talented moves, this is the place you need to be at. This place is often frequented by those who do not want to have a wild night and yet have something effortlessly sexy which is sure to give them the good feels.


7. The Christmas Markets

Luca Florio, via Wikimedia Commons


If you happen to head to Switzerland during Christmas time, you will find the city decked up in beautiful color. This means that you are going to find plenty of Christmas markets which stay open till long wee hours in the morning. There may be a lot of shows and talent exhibitions too; all of which makes it a great experience.


8. Go Bar Hopping

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


The whole of Switzerland is filled with too many bars and pubs. There is no dearth of them and almost all of them are good ones too which rarely have any unwanted commotion. However, the bars tend to have different working hours. So, you are advised to check it before heading there.


9. Stargazing

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


Switzerland offers the bliss of simply sitting with your partner and gazing at the beauty of the stars. There are these little things which end up being moments you would cherish. A lot of restaurants would give you tips on how to make the most of stargazing. However, make sure not to forget to carry your blanket and a bottle of wine as well!


So, which of these activities is going to be your favorite things to in Switzerland at night? We want you to definitely try some of these to have a fun-filled trip!


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