January 16, 2022


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"Travel has the ability to change you." Interview with Bruno.

His name is Bruno and He is a marketing consultant passionate about travelling. He was born in Azores Islands and now based in Barcelona. On his website Geeky Explorer he shares insider tips and tech advice on how to travel smarter and find good value-for-money experiences around the world. Follow his travels on Facebook and Instagram!
 1. When did you first start travelling and which is your favourite travel memory?
Being born in an island, I travelled a lot since I was a child. I spent every summer in mainland Portugal. Hard to say a single favourite travel memory but very recently putting my feet on Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia felt special.
 2. What are your 5 musthaves (apart from the basics such as passport, credit card, phone) when travelling?
A notebook to take notes and scraps. A lock is always useful. My iPad and my GoPro because I’m a geek. And a good book.

At Kayak Slovakia
At Kayak Slovakia

3. How do you fund your travels?
Still on a full-time job in marketing. As much as the idea of “quit everything” and travel the world forever appeals me, I’m more for a balanced approach. I like the idea of mini-retirements.
4. What is your advice to travellers who are just beginning their journey?
You don’t need to tick off for the museums/touristy sights. Invest in experiences which are much more valuable long-term.
5. What is that one destination in your list that you are dying to go to and why?
Definitely Japan. I day dream a lot about exploring the country and get to see such a different and appealing culture.
6. Is there a place you’d never go to? Why?
Oh yes. The world is an amazing place, but unfortunately humankind has made some regions absolutely unsafe for locals and travellers. I wouldn’t see myself travelling around Syria or Iraq right now!
At Azores
At Azores

 7. What are your upcoming travel plans?
My next trip will be Germany for some Christmas market action. Then Thailand in early January and Andorra in the end of the month. Towards the end of next year I plan to come back to SE Asia and backpack for some months.
8. What advice would you give to anyone who is considering travelling but is scared to take the leap of faith?
Sometimes taking a step outside the box is the best thing it can happen to you in life.Travel has the ability to change you. You will not be able to fully comprehend it, but you’ll love the feeling!
9. Do you travel full time? Or do you take breaks in between?
I always have breaks in between as I have a full-time job.
Although I love travelling, I don’t see myself on the road forever. I feel at some point you’ll need to settle down, rest and have some sense of “home”, whatever that is.
Having that said, I would like to try the digital nomad lifestyle for some time!
Bruno at BerlinWall
Bruno at BerlinWall

10. Where do you see yourself in a year? In five years?
Would love to explore SE Asia and South America for a full year. I have some ideas to start a business online so hopefully they can be up and running by then. Another option I would like to explore is the remote working, which gives me the ability to work anywhere I want.
11. There are many ways to travel: from staying in luxurious resorts to hitchhiking and living off the grid. How do you travel?
Definitely travelling on a budget. While the infinity pool overlooking a beach with palm trees in the background looks appealing, the truth is that you can have that everywhere (even in your own city). I like the challenge and the opportunity to mix with locals and get to know the local culture.
12. Any useful travel gadgets or apps that you recommend using.
Of course, this is my area of expertise! 😀
One of my favorites is HitList, which seems to me like a smart way to plan your travels. Plus, it’s a nice digital bucket list.
Usually my first step when I book a flight somewhere is go on Trover and check for ideas to places to go. It’s like an Instagram – my favourite app ever – but for travellers only.
Another great one is MandicMagic, great to find WiFi networks when you’re abroad.