January 29, 2022


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Visit Belgrade-5 Instagram profiles to show you things to do in Belgrade

1.  Dreamer on the road: @snoviukoferima


Belgrade, Dreams and Books-2


#Repost from @snovi_u_koferima

If we try to translate the name of this Instagram profile it would literally mean, “Dreams in suitcases”.
But this interesting Instagrammer would rather say that the most suitable name for her profile would be “Dreamer on the road”. This Instagram profile offers you unique perspective of Belgrade. Why?
Because it’s women’s perspective about life and traveling.  She calls her self a creative traveler and you will definitely enjoy her pics.

2. TOB (Touris Ogranization Of Belgrade): @visit.belgrade




   Sava river, Fortress-2                                                                                                                                                                                                               

     #Repost from @visit.belgrade

TOB is an official organization of the city of Belgrade. Therefore, they have all the information you need on their website. Whether you want to find out more about the history of this old city or you want to discover things to do in Belgrade, you will find it on their website.

3.  Doors of Belgrade: @doorsofbelgrade


doors of Belgrade-2

#Repost from @doorsofbelgrade

This Instagram profile offers you a very interesting angle of looking at Belgrade.
It is really interesting how you get to know Belgrade, just by seeing pictures of the doors in this city.
The author is choosing carefully doors that are very unique. These doors are depicting different styles and architecture of Belgrade.

4.  Hello Belgrader: @Hellobelgrader


Hello Belgrader-2

#Repost from @Hellobelgrader

“Belgrade charm at it’s best”, as these Instagrammers would explain.
Belgrader is a private online platform about the least known aspects of the city of Belgrade.
Whether you want to have a sneak peek of Belgrade nightlife or discover random local places you’ll love this Instagram account.

5.  Still in Belgrade: @Stillinbelgrade



Nightlife Belgrade

Still in Belgrade is an independent online magazine that will bring you closer to what Belgrade culture life is actually all about. You will get the vibe of this city just by seeing the pics on their Instagram account.
This magazine is all you need to read in order to find the right things to do in Belgrade.
If you want to experience Belgrade nightlife you will find up to date info right here.