Where To Buy Original Croatian Products In Zagreb

1. Cerovečki Umbrellas


Cerovečki umbrellas are a century old tradition, founded back in 1912, they proud themselves with their “artisan umbrellas”. The shop is run by Cerovečki family and they ship their products worldwide. The most popular umbrella type is “Šestine” and they symbolize Zagreb because of their unique red colored design. This design can be seen in city`s main green market, the Dolac, as well as several other smaller ones. The Cerovečki family used to make custom made umbrellas for foreign film productions in Zagreb. If you are looking for a unique souvenir in Zagreb, or if you are just looking to buy a high-quality umbrella, visit their store in 49 Ilica Street. Besides the umbrellas, the store also offers a variety of Fossil bags, wallets, and raincoats with their original “Šestine” design on the top.

2. Kobali Hats


It an artisan hat store run by “Kobali” family, which was opened in 1974. The store is now a fourth generation hat maker, a family business whose original design and handmade hats have put them in front of others.  Look for them in Oktagon passage in 5 Ilica street.



These are genuine Croatian design souvenirs. The idea was that they represent a unique memory for tourists of their visit to Croatia. The memory game “meet Croatia – memory Croatia” is a fun memory game, which is educational and entertaining, based on the most beautiful destinations in Croatia. Their souvenir line consists of mugs, T-shirts, and bags made of “licitar” and lace. MCroatia products can be purchased in souvenir shops and INA gas stations as well as on their web shop “www.croatiansouvenir.com”

4. Galerija Crocrodeal


It is an art gallery that gathers Croatian artists and sells their products. The initial idea was to gather and host Croatian artists and help them promote and sell their unique art work. Each product is personalized, has a certificate, and has a writing that says something about each author in English and Croatian. The products and artwork have a direct link with Croatian tradition, whether it is a stonework from the island of Brac, lavender and olive wood from Croatian south, Croatian crest and flag, Glagolitic writings, paintings, ceramics, jewelry etc. The gallery is located in the city center on 16 Radiceva street. If you want to avoid cheap souvenirs and buy a quality and genuine product this is a place to visit.

5. Kredenca


It is a chain of gift shops that sell original souvenirs from Croatian Adriatic coast. They started from the small town of Crikvenica in north Adriatic and spread their business to several other towns including Zagreb. They promote Mediterranean style souvenirs from food and drink to natural cosmetics and craft work like liquors, homemade honey, olive oil, wines, chocolate and all kind of Mediterranean delicacies, to essential oils, aromatherapy products, and natural soaps. Their fashion line is inspired by motives of Croatian tradition in brooches, ties, shawls, purses, and jewelry both for men and women. The shop earned certificate of excellence by Trip Advisor in 2013, it is located on 13 Radiceva street.

6. Take me home


It is a Croatian design gift shop that sells quality products from Croatian designers and creatives. The idea was to fight off mass production and offer the customers an original handmade product to serve as a memory or a simple décor for their home. The store offers quality fashion and home design, toys, business gifts, accessories etc. They pride themselves in the sage of ecological and recycled materials, that don`t harm the environment or wildlife. This successful business is in operation from 2013, and since then they have received several good reviews in New York Times, The Times, Australian Financial Review, as well as Lonely planet and Trip Advisor. You can find the store in 4 Tomiceva street in the center of Zagreb.

7. Bornstein

Photo credit: WordRidden via Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: WordRidden via Foter.com / CC BY


Bornstein is the oldest wine shop in Croatia. Located near the cathedral, in the historic “upper city” are the vine cellars of the finest vine shop in Zagreb. This temple of vine offers a unique taste of the finest vines, and it is a true harem for enologists and sommeliers that hold old knowledge and offer first-hand tasting and education about finest wines from Croatia and worldwide. Besides the vines, these cellars offer extra virgin olive oil, truffles, and sweet and salty delicacies from local producers. Their biggest pride is the archival collection of wines from Kutjevo and Belje cellars and the oldest bottle they own is Croatian “BijeliBurgundac” from 1947. If you are looking to buy premium Croatian vine, look no more and visit Bornstein in 19 Kaptolstreet in Zagreb.

8. Notes of Zagreb


It is a gift shop that prides itself on being the bespoke home fragrance in Zagreb. They sell unique and original fragrances in the form of perfumed souvenirs and gifts for living rooms, public spaces, offices, hotel lobbies, bars, and restaurants. This nifty gift shop offers everything from scented candles, room, and textile sprays, dog perfumes, home diffusers to men, women or unisex perfumes. All of their products are handmade and their names are inspired by monuments of Zagreb, culture, and streets, which makes it a unique souvenir. The store is located in the city center on 2 Skalinska street.

9. Kantarion


It is a store of Croatian natural cosmetics. Kantarion store supports exclusively small manufacturers of natural eco cosmetics which is homemade. By special selections of products, they offer their customers to test for themselves the power of natural cosmetics. The store offers soaps, balsams, lotions, crèmes, hair products, essential oils, which are made from the finest lavender, chamomile, immortelle and many other, grown on Croatian fields. If you are a nature lover be sure to visit Kantarion in 14c Marticeva street.

10. Croata


A genuine Croatian store and a genuine Croatian product,  Croata or kravata means tie in Croatian and was actually invented in Croatia during the 17th century. They were worn by Croatian soldiers which made them recognizable. It was a part of traditional soldiers’ uniform as a scarf especially tied around soldiers neck, and this fashion detail caught the eye of Parisians who named this fashion style “a la Croate” (like a Croatian). Since then it became an unavoidable fashion detail for men globally. Croata store offers high quality ties shirts, shawls, festive and accessories both for men and women. It is located in beautiful Oktogon in 5 Ilica street.

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