Whitsunday Islands in Australia Sailing Tour with Avatar Whitsundays

A low budget, independent yet fun and electrifying backpacker tour is what many people have in their bucket lists. How wonderful will it be if such a tour could be done in Whitsunday Islands in Australia! Whitsunday Islands are a collection of beautiful islands that is located in the midst of the Great Barrier Reef. Many of the islands are uninhabited national park islands however; there are few that have resort facilities available.





Avatar Whitsundays bring the luxurious opportunity to explore these wondrous islands on your sailing tours. The concept of sailing tours is extremely refreshing and energetic. With water all involved and being in the middle of the sea to enjoy the best of nature is truly an experience. The beauty and charm of sailing tours is not limited to just boating and sailing but Avatar Whitsundays bring you the great activity of snorkeling as well.


Avatar Whitsunday helps you navigate your backpack tour in the most convenient and amusing fashion which is not so heavy on the pocket, too. Another charm of sailing on Avatar Whitsunday and a backpack tour in general is that to be able to be meeting and socializing with various people. Making new friends, exploring personalities and experiences are just some of the things that you get on this sailing tour. The staff and crew do not leave you off mid way but help you guide throughout your destination and trip, and keep you engaged and entertained. They also provide you knowledge about the area and the life there.


The best feature of this sailing tour is the view perhaps. Magnificent landscapes and eternal horizons with clear blue water are enough to make one appreciate nature and to live the moment. The southern hemisphere’s sailing is usually done on these beautiful, paradise-like waters that make it very famous. Also to note that Avatar Whitsunday offers all this and much more at very nominal prices that does not affect your budget and makes your tour and leisure a whole worthwhile.


Speaking of the activities, the snorkeling is enough to lure you in this magnificent trip. The absolute clear water provides certain serenity to your senses for you to enjoy it. From turtles to a variety of small and big fish and extremely diverse botanical life, the sea beds of these islands are filled with nature and beauty and Avatar Whitsunday waits to take you on this sailing tour.





What’s more is that you do not need to worry about the food meals as they are prepared by the crew that is on deck and they create the most delicious and wonderful of dishes. Whilst on an independent and fun tour, your money will not be wasted in this wondrous trip that provides you photographing opportunities, creating memories that will stay with you for life and meeting exciting people. What’s more is a chance to explore nature and get the perfect time off and relaxation as you soak up the sun, enjoy drinks and feel the closest to paradise in these waters and islands. Avatar Whitsunday is a great choice for your sailing tours.

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