10 Places Only Locals Know In Sofia, Bulgaria

Are you tired of the same old tourist traps and want to discover something truly authentic and unique in this beautiful city? Look no further! We’ve scoured the city and asked locals to share their hidden gems – the places that they love to visit but often remain under the radar for tourists. From Boyana Waterfall to Vasil Levski Monument, these spots are sure to give you an unforgettable Sofian experience. So join us as we explore the city and discover the best-kept secrets only locals know about.

Here’s the list of top 10 Places Only Locals Know About in Sofia, Bulgaria!

1. Catholic Cathedral St Joseph

Catholic Cathedral St Joseph
Photo Credit: Helden aus Glas

The Catholic Cathedral St Joseph in Sofia is one of the few catholic churches in Bulgaria and more specific in Sofia. This holy place is fairly new and it is one of the newest churches in Bulgaria. The most common religion in Bulgaria is the Orthodox Christianity and this is why it is interesting to see such a massive Catholic church in the middle of the capital of Bulgaria. You can even visit a Sunday service if you go to St Joseph.

2. Tzar Samuil Monument

Tzar Samuil Monument
Photo Credit: Lyubomir Popov

The Tzar Samuil Monument is probably one of the most unusual statues of the world. The statue of the ancient leader of Bulgaria is so real, that the eyes of the statue are actually glowing. For some people, this statue might seem weird or not interesting, but in my opinion, the idea with the glowing eyes is amazing. The statue was created a few years ago and it is still fairly new. Put Tzar Samuil Monument on your list and you will not feel sorry about it.

3. Urvich

Photo Credit: Камен Ханджиев

The Urvich Fortress is a spectacular and ancient place which is just 20 minutes away from the busy downtown area of Sofia. The place is perfect for relaxation and a quick escape from the busy lifestyle of the capital of Bulgaria. The fortress combined with the spectacular view of the place teleports us to the heaven on earth. The place is a favorite spot for many citizens of Sofia. Go and check Urvich if you are visiting Sofia.

4. Vasil Levski Monument

Vasil Levski Monument
Photo Credit: Elena Chochkova

The monument of Vasil Levski is one of the most important landmarks for the Bulgarians. It might not be a really popular destination for a visit, but at the same time, it is a really important place for every Bulgarian. International tourists might not appreciate the power of Vasil Levski, but if you are visiting Bulgaria you must know about Levski. He is the national hero of Bulgaria, who used to live during the years in which Bulgaria was under the control of the Ottoman Empire.

5. Snail Home

Snail Home
Photo Credit: r/bulgaria

The Snail Home is an apartment complex in Sofia which was built in order to look like a snail. This amazing architecture is really interesting and it deserves a detour. The innovative design is fairly new and it is pretty much unknown to most people. If you are interested in modern design and if you want to see something interesting and new, go and check the Snail home in Sofia.

6. Dragalevtsi Monastery

Dragalevtsi Monastery
Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

Dragalevtsi Monastery is one of the most interesting places around the capital of Bulgaria. Many people choose to visit the monastery during the weekend. A holy place for every Christian from Bulgaria, the Dragalevtsi Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Sofia. it is fairly unknown to the tourists because it is situated at the end of the city. I strongly recommend you to go and check out Dragalevtsi Monastery.

7. Former Communist Headquarters

Former Communist Headquarters
Photo Credit: Herman Beun

Situated in the downtown area of Sofia, we can find a building that was a symbol of the communist party of Bulgaria. Until 1989 Bulgaria was a communist country that was influenced by the USSR. During the years of the communism, the Bulgarian government built plenty of buildings that were created in the name of the communist power. Nowadays we can see how interesting and epic is the communist architecture. The headquarters of the Bulgarian communist party are currently standing in Sofia as a bridge connecting the past with the present.

8. Boyana Waterfall

Boyana Waterfall
Photo Credit: Marioshumanov

The Boyana Waterfall is the most beautiful and largest waterfall in the Vitosha Mountain situated in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The place is perfect for everyone who wants to escape from the busy life of Sofia. The waterfall is 15m tall and you will not believe how graceful is the place. It is not really easy to walk up the hill which leads to the waterfall, but it will be worthy. During the winter the place is even more spectacular and you can click some great photos while visiting the area.

9. Synodal Palace

Synodal Palace
Photo Credit: Plamen Agov • studiolemontree.com

The Synodal Palace is the home of the Bulgarian Church. The headquarters building of the Bulgarian Church is one of the most spectacular and ancient buildings in Sofia. The palace was built in 1909 and it is one of the oldest buildings in Sofia. It is amazing how well preserved is the palace. ”Must see” location if you visit the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, especially if you are interested in Eastern European architecture.

10. Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Photo Credit: Plamen Agov • studiolemontree.com

The building of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Bulgaria is a perfect example of the Bulgarian architecture from the early 1900s. Situated close to downtown Sofia, the building is easily accessible for tourist. This landmark will be mostly interesting for the fans of different architecture styles. The place is fairly not popular but is definitely worth the detour. It will take you no more than an hour to check out the place and click some photos.

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