10 Places To Visit In Southeast Bulgaria In 2023

Are you planning a trip to southeast Bulgaria in 2023? If so, you’re in for a treat! This beautiful region of the country is full of hidden gems and cultural treasures just waiting to be discovered. From ancient Roman Ruins Kabile ruins to breathtaking natural wonders, there’s something for everyone in southeast Bulgaria. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top picks for the best places to visit in the area. So pack your bags and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in all of Bulgaria.

1. Monastery Saint Spas

Monastery Saint Spas
Photo Credit: Vassia Atanassova

The Monastery Saint Spas is one of the most mysterious places in the region of Yambol, Bulgaria. It is located in Bakadjik area that is situated in southeast Bulgaria. The monastery is created in the insides of a rock. Volunteers carved the rock in the past, using only their hands. Inside of the rock/monastery we can see a statue of Jesus as well as other drawings of different Saints. In addition to these things, you can also try the local water. Locals say that the water heals different diseases. The energy in this place is amazing!!!

2. Holy Mother of God

Holy Mother of God
Photo Credit: Спасимир

The Monument of the Holy Mother of God is the most gorgeous statue of the Holy Mother in Bulgaria. It is located in the city of Haskovo. The locals call the place “Sveta Bogoroditsa”. It was created in 2003, on the top of one of the local hills. The statue is 31 meters tall and is the second biggest statue of the Holy Mother in the world after the one in Trujillo, Venezuela. This is probably the most spectacular statue Christian statue in Bulgaria. You will definitely enjoy your visit at the Monument of the Holy Mother of God in Haskovo.

3. Waterfall Sinia Vir

Waterfall Sinia Vir
Photo Credit: wikimapia.org

The waterfall “Sinia Vir” is a small waterfall locaed near the village of Medven. Medven is a small village located in southeast Bulgaria, close to the city of Sliven. Even though that the crystal clear blue water comes from only 3-4 meters, the place is amazing. It is a perfect place for people that enjoy quiet places and relaxation. The only thing that can stop you from visiting the waterfall is the 15 minute walk from Medven to the waterfall. I guarantee you that the 15 minute walk will be worthy. Go and enjoy the “Sinia Vir” Watefall.

4. Field Mishkova

Field Mishkova
Photo Credit: dreamstime.com

Field Mishkova is located in the Malko Turnovo region. Malko Turnovo is situated in southeast Bulgaria, next to the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The field is an ancient Thracian sanctuary. Locals say that the place is full with energy. All visitors leave the place fully relaxed and happy. The bad part of this tourist attraction is that it is basically on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. You cannot visit the place without a tour guide and without a special permission from the government. In order to go to Field Mishkova, you need to first book a tour at the Malko Turnovo information center.

5. Indipasha

Photo Credit: Filipov Ivo

Indipasha is an ancient and holy thracian place next to the village of Slivarovo. Slivarovo is located in Bourgas region in southeast Bulgaria. Indipasha is hidden in the forests of the Strandja National Park. Many people visit this place because they believe that the water in Indipasha is healing. Nowadays this ancient Thracian place is an important destination for both Christians and Pagans.

6. Roman Ruins Kabile

Roman Ruins Kabile
Photo Credit: Breza07

Kabile is a small village located next to the city of Yambol (southeast Bulgaria). The ancient Roman city of Kabile had been built before more than 2000 years. Nowadays it is the most interesting Roman place in Bulgaria. The fact that the biggest highway in Bulgaria goes around Kabile, makes the place easily accessible for tourists. Go and visit Kabile if you want to see the ruins of the ancinet Roman city.

7. Salt Lake Pomorie

Salt Lake Pomorie
Photo Credit: Rob Bowker

Pomorie is a small town located on the shore of the Bulgarian Black Sea. The city is located in east Bulgaria and is one of the most famous sea resorts on the Bulgarian shore. The Salt Lake of Pomorie is one of the most interesting places in east Bulgaria. It is 6 kilometers long and 2 meters deep. It has a natural sand separation from Black Sea. The locals mainly use it for salt extraction. Regardless of this fact that place is really beautiful and you can make some great photos if you visit this place during the Summer.

8. Old Town of Sozopol

Old Town of Sozopol
Photo Credit: Chris RubberDragon

Sozopol is an ancient town located near the city of Bourgas. Sozopol is situated on the shore of the Bulgarian Black Sea. The old part of the town is spectacular and is a must for every tourist that visits Bulgaria. The best time to visit Sozopol is during the first week of September. At this time Apolonia is being held (one of the biggest art festivals in Bulgaria). You can enjoy beautiful beaches, wonderful architecture and relaxation in the town of Sozopol.

9. Nesebar

Photo Credit: needpix.com

Nesebar is another ancient town located on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The place is also a top seaside resort for Bulgaria. The town is full with history, for this reason it is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The most famous place in the old town of Nesebar is the wooden windmill. Picture with the wooden windmil is a must for every tourist. Nesebar is a mix of wonderful nightlife and amazing history.

10. Saint Peter Island

Saint Peter Island
Photo Credit: bvi4092

The Saint Peter Island is one of the most spectacular islands in the Bulgarian part of Black Sea. The island has an area of 0.025 square kilometres and is 9 metres tall(above sea level). The locals know the place as the Bird Island. Saint Peter is part of the Bay of Sozopol and the only way to visit it is to book a boat ride from Sozopol. Until the 19th century, the place was fairly unknown for the Bulgarians. Scientists believe that in the past the island have separated itself from the larger Saint Ivan Island. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon around the Saint Peter Island.

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