10 Best Things to Do In St. Louis at Night in 2023

The City of St. Louis is different than most of the other cities due to its rich history, incredible food and beer, sports, and all around good times. This is especially true when the sun sets and the city lights come on. Whether you are a local or visiting for the first time, St. Louis will keep you entertained and socialized with all that is offered throughout the night.

Discover 10 Best Things to Do In St. Louis at Night in 2023:

1. Catch a Ball Game – Busch Stadium

Photo Credit: Karen Blaha

St. Louis loves their Cardinals! Sure you can see a baseball game during the day, but it is an entirely different experience as the lights go down. You will find yourself sitting on a warm summer night in a beautifully lit stadium, surrounded by the twinkling lights of the city. Named after the Anheuser-Busch, you can certainly get a great beer. This wide open stadium is pretty impressive and provides you with awesome views as you sit in the city center, surrounded by tall skyscrapers and of course, the St. Louis arch!

2. Grab Some Dinner – Then Some More Food After The Bars Close

Photo Credit: Timothy Boyd

St. Louis has some incredibly unique food that ranges from world-class to strange, but oh so amazing after you have had a few beers. The list is endless but start with a few staples such as gooey butter cake, St. Louis style BBQ, and Ted Drewes frozen yogurt. You can even try White Castle if your hometown is so unlucky as to not have one.
Within the city of St. Louis you will also find a little Italy, which inspires and allows you to find some incredible Italian food. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try some Italian – St Louis fusion like crispy toasted ravioli or St. Louis style pizza. Bite into some thin crust and get your hands messy with the square cuts. Many hotspots stay open late so there is always time for seconds.

3. Go Up The Arch

Photo Credit: needpix.com

The main architectural focal point of St. Louis is the St. Louis arch. It is as tall as it is wide and the experience of traveling to the top is unlike any other. Again, you can do this during the day but at night it is a completely different experience. Those at the Arch realize this and offer specialty tickets for visiting during the day and night. If your time it just right, you may even be able to catch the sunset.
Throughout the entire experience, you will be provided with information about the city and arch. Surprising you with facts and history you would have otherwise missed out on! Not only will you board a small elevator that will climb its way to the peak of the arch, but you can walk around inside the structure, looking out the small windows at the incredible view of St. Louis. If you are visiting during a busy time, like summer, it may be a good idea to book tickets well in advance.

4. Night Time Bowling

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The people of St. Louis love to bowl at night, especially with a cocktail in hand. There are tons of fun bowling alleys that stay open late and cater to audiences looking for great food and amazing cocktails. Many of the bowling alleys are themed and offer special event nights to really turn up!

5. Happy Hour at The Bud Light Biergarten

Photo Credit: Willy Volk

The Anheuser-Busch brewery is not just for day tours. The Biergarten often offers happy hour nights and local events where you can enjoy great food and meet some people. Unfortunately, the Biergarten is not open late every day of the year. So if you are planning on visiting be sure to check online for times.

6. Visit a Local Brewery

Photo Credit: Davis

St. Louis is the hometown of Anheuser-Busch, so you are bound to find some beer enthusiasts. It is also not too hard to find a few places brewing their own local beers. Take a brewery tour of the city or search online for some popular local places to wet your whistle with some new flavors. If the people of St. Louis know anything, it is beer, and it surely will not disappoint.

7. Moolah Theatre And Lounge

Photo Credit: riverfronttimes.com

In the mood for a scary movie? The Moolah theatre and lounge will take you back in time (at midnight!) to when horror movies were truly horrific. Ok, maybe now we find them a bit cheesy. But you have to love the character, drama, and acting of throwing it back to a much simpler time. Be sure to check out the architecture of the building, it really helps set the mood.

8. Pop’s Nightclub

Photo Credit: pxhere.com

If you are looking for something a bit louder than a theatre, look no further than Pop’s Nightclub. Check out a concert, have a great drink, and find out why everyone in St. Louis seems to be talking about Pop’s Nightclub.

9. Forest Park

Photo Credit: David F. Clark

New York has Central Park and St. Louis has Forest Park. Not only is Forest Park a fun place to visit during the day, but it often plays host to many events throughout the year. See a concert, take a class, or visit a festival. There always seems to be something happening! Located in the center of the city, you can escape the city life for a while. Check out their calendar online for fun events.

10. Laser Tag

Photo Credit: ampupactionpark.com

Feeling a bit competitive? Visit the world’s largest laser tag arena at Laser Rock. This could be a fun evening for a group of adults or a way to entertain the kids a bit and get out that energy. They do everything from birthday parties to corporate events. Laser Rock is also equipped with a restaurant, arcade games, movie theater, and more on the way!
If you are planning a trip to St. Louis or recently moved to the big city, you will find there is always more to explore and do, especially at night! Check out some of the incredible cuisines, you will have dreams about that gooey butter cake. Take the family laser tagging or have a date night at a local brewery. St. Louis is anything other than boring. So fill up your calendar, grab a bud, and enjoy The Gateway to The West.

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